Brewery Workshop, Bałtów, Poland

At the invitation of our associated Bamberg brewing equipment manufacturer Kaspar Schulz, a brewery workshop will take place today and tomorrow at our Weyermann® customer, Browar Baltow, in Baltow, Poland.

Our Weyermann® Malting & Brewing Expert Axel Jany will be on site as an ambassador for our specialty malts manufacture.

Participants can look forward to an exciting program of lectures on the brewing raw materials malt, hops and water as well as the supplier segment.

As an expert in malt and beer, Axel Jany will talk about the use of heirloom, terroir and traditional base malts for unique beer creations. He will also provide information about the influence of specialty malts on creative craft beer and whisky recipes.

We wish him a fantastic time in Poland with enriching encounters!