Brewery Workshop, Bałtów, Poland

An the invitation of our friendly Bamberg-based brewery equipment manufacturer, Kaspar Schulz, a wonderful brewing workshop took place last weekend at our Weyermann® customer, Browar Baltow, in Bałtów, Poland.
Our Weyermann® Malting & Brewing Expert, Axel Jany, attended the event as an ambassador of our specialty malt factory and, as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed it!
The participants were treated to an exciting lecture program focusing on brewing raw materials such as malt, hops, and water, as well as the supplier segment.
Axel Jany, as an expert in malt and beer, lectured on the use of heirloom, terroir, and traditional base malts for unique beer creations. Additionally, he provided insights into the influence of specialty malts on creative craft beer and whisky recipes.
Axel Jany had a wonderful time and was delighted with the fantastic conversations!