Brewery Resource Roadshow & Charles Faram Hop Walk 2023

We can always count on this duo, when it comes to representing our family malting company abroad – thank you to Axel Jany, Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert, and John S. Middleton, Weyermann® Representativ UK, for being wonderful Weyermann® ambassadors at this year’s Brewery Resource Roadshow & Charles Faram Hop Walk!

Our long-standing Weyermann® distribution partner for Great Britain, Charles Faram, had invited to these to events, which took place in Worcestershire.

The Brewery Resource Roadshow offered its participants an interesting day full of presentations on industry-specific topics and the opportunity to exchange views on the latest trends and innovations.

Axel Jany enriched the event with a presentation on „Weyermann® Specialty Malts in Lager Beers“ and, together with John S. Middleton, informed all interested parties about the specialty malts from Weyermann® at a lovely red and yellow booth.

During the Hop Walk, the participants received information about the latest developments on the hop market and enjoyed tours through the hop growing and harvesting areas of Charles Faram.

Thank you to our partner Charles Faram for inviting us to join the lovely event again this year!

Thanks to all booth visitors for the wonderful exchange!

See you next year!