Brewery Resource Roadshow 2024

As in every year, our Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert Axel Jany and Weyermann® Representative UK John S. Middleton had a wonderful time at the Brewery Resource Roadshow 2024!

This event was hosted by our long-standing Weyermann® distribution partner for the UK, Charles Faram. Axel Jany and John S. Middleton were once again present at this event as our Weyermann® ambassadors, spreading the red and yellow spirit.

The Brewery Resource Roadshow took place on Wednesday, May 15, at the Headingley Stadium in Leeds, offering exciting educational seminars, interactive booths, and opportunities to connect with industry experts.

Axel Jany gave a wonderful presentation on “Recipe Development with a Focus on the Use of Specialty Malts to Make Your Beer Stand Out from the Rest.” Additionally, he and John S. Middleton were available at a booth to answer all questions regarding our specialty malt portfolio.

Our ambassadors enjoyed the fantastic exchange!