Brewery Resource Roadshow 2024, Leeds, Great Britain

Same procedure as every year : we wish Axel Jany, Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert, and John S. Middleton, Weyermann® Representativ UK, a great time at the Brewery Resource Roadshow 2024!

Our long-standing Weyermann® distribution partner for Great Britain, Charles Faram, invites to this event every year. Axel Jany and John S. Middleton have been our Weyermann® ambassadors at this event for many years, successfully spreading the red and yellow spirit there.

Happening tomorrow at Headingley Stadium in Leeds, the Brewery Resource Roadsow promises engaging seminars, interactive trade stands, and opportunities to connect with industry experts.

Axel Jany will enrich the event with a lecture on „Recipe development with a focus on using specialty malts to differentiate your beer from the rest“ and, together with John S. Middleton, answer all questions about our specialty malts portfolio at an red and yellow booth.

We wish our two ambassadors a fantastic time and look forward to their impressions from Leeds!


Photo: Axel Jany and John S. Middleton at the Brewery Resource Roadshow 2023 in Worcestershire, Great Britain