35 years Sabine Weyermann and 10 years Franziska Weyermann

We had double reasons to be happy and to celebrate on Thursday afternoon. Our boss Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, celebrated her 35th company anniversary and daughter Franziska Weyermann, management assistant fifth generation, celebrated her 10th company anniversary.

The Weyermann® executives surprised Sabine Weyermann and Franziska Weyermann with a wonderful reception in the festively decorated Weyermann® Visitors Center.

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, opened the reception with a touching speech addressed to his wife Sabine Weyermann. He honored Sabine Weyermann – the soul and heart of Weyermann® – for her extraordinary commitment, with which she decisively shaped the success story of Weyermann® Malts, today´s world market leader for specialty malts.
Thomas Kraus-Weyermann emphasized Sabine Weyermann´s empathy, innovative spirit, customer proximity and orientation as well as her attentive leadership.

In addition to a Weyermann® mug, a Weyermann® certificate, a red and yellow bouquet of flowers and a photo album with lots of wonderful memories and milestones from her time in the family business, Sabine Weyermann received three very special gifts.

Weyermann® brewmaster Constantin Förtner and his team brewed a special anniversary beer especially for Sabine Weyermann: Sabines Espresso Stout. This ale was brewed with five Weyermann® malt varieties. In combination with cold-extracted espresso, with espresso beans from the ADESSE coffee roasting establishment of the Lebensilfe Bamberg, this black ale convinces with wonderful notes of coffee beans, cacao, and bitter chocolate. Being a fan of this beer style, Sabine Weyermann was very happy about this present.

Next up was Franziska Weyermann who surprised Sabine Weyermann with an impressive rust figure for her garden at home.

Finally, Weyermann® plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann presented Sabine Weyermann with a very special folder. The project folder for the heat recovery for the malthouse. Sabine Weyermann´s father, graduate engineer Heinz Weyermann, had applied for and received a patent for the manufacturing process and thus revolutionized the worldwide malt industry. In 1977 Weyermann® Malts was the first malthouse in the world to install this process.

After the guests raised their glasses to the well-being of Sabine Weyermann together, Franziska Weyermann was at the center of attention.

With a sensitive speech, Sabine Weyermann thanked her daughter Franziska Weyermann for her work at Weyermann® Malts over the past ten years. At the same time, she emphasized that Franziska has been a catalyst for her since she was born and a wonderful enrichment for her life. For everything Franziska had brought into her life, for her sound judgment, her creativity, correctness and reliability, Sabine Weyermann expressed her thanks and praised a number of other qualities of her daughter.

Afterwards, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann gladly presented his daughter with the obligatory anniversary gifts. Thus Franziska Weyermann received a Weyermann® mug, a Weyermann® certificate and a honorary certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the silver Weyermann® badge of honor and a voucher for a weekend in the historic holiday village Dürrwies®. She also got a red and yellow flower bouquet.

After a joint “toast” to Franziska Weyermann, Sabine Weyermann opened the buffet. Canapés and pastry sticks were served, which our craft baker Friedrich Rauh had baked. He had also baked an anniversary pastry with the number 35 especially for Sabine Weyermann. In addition, the guests enjoyed the anniversary beer and other beer specialties from the Weyermann® brew manufacture.

Until late in the afternoon, the guests enjoyed the cozy get-together and communal exchange. Many thanks to the organization team, the catering team and everyone else involved for the excellent preparation and thus the success of this wonderful surprise.

Photos: Daniel Löb