21st Weyermann® Vintage Car Event

The 21st vintage car event at Weyermann® in Bamberg proved to be a magnet for classic car enthusiasts and spectators once again in 2024. The traditional event attracted numerous visitors to the historic company premises of Weyermann® Specialty Malts. The annual event is an opportunity to admire motorized treasures from past times and to exchange with like-minded people. Traditionally on the first Tuesday in July, this year 400 vintage cars rolled down Brennerstrasse and found their display on the parking lots and the historic Weyermann® site.

Impressive Time Travel Through Automotive History

As with previous times, this year’s event offered an impressive journey through the world of automotive history, led by the category of the oldest vehicles. At the top was Saskia Gutgesell from Weisendorf, who presented her 1929 Ford A Tudor, the oldest vehicle of the event. She was followed by the 1937 Riley Sport, proudly presented by Mr. Edgar Höllein from Memmelsdorf. Udo Geiger from Scheßlitz contributed to the diversity on the list of the oldest with his 1938 Ford Pick-Up. Wolfgang Schubart presented his BMW 372/28 from the same year, rounding off this category.

Enthusiasts share their passion

From the immediate neighborhood, Günter Pfeiffer, who has an impressive collection of ten classic cars, came to marvel at the vehicles presented. He praised the event in the highest terms: “It is the most beautiful vintage car event. In terms of presentation – respect! Where can you still find such an event that does not charge admission? It is right on the doorstep and very well organized.” Axel Fella, a home brewer from Junkersdorf near Ebern, has been combining his passion for beer and vintage cars at this event for at least 15 years. With his Adler Trumpf and BMW 327, both built in 1938, he raved: “The combination here is perfect: beer, sausages, and vintage cars.”

Surprises and Stories on Wheels

“It’s like a lucky bag,” raves Mr. Regner, the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz 230.6 in bright English Red. “You never know what’s coming around the corner next.” His orange shirt matches perfectly with the paintwork of his gem – a detail that underlines the deep connection between mankind and machine.

For many participants, the meeting has become a cherished tradition. An enthusiast tells with shining eyes: “We have been coming together here for ten years. Some friends drive 30, others 40 kilometers – but here we all meet.” These words testify to the strong community that has formed around the vintage cars.

Presidential Presence on Four Wheels

Particularly impressive is Mr. Krah’s Cadillac Fleetwood 75 S Presidential. “The car used to be in Lyndon B. Johnson’s fleet when he was still Vice President under Kennedy,” he explains not without pride. But for Krah, his vintage cars are not just museum pieces. “They are moved at least once a month, even in the deepest winter. You wait for a dry, sunny day – it can be cold – and drive them warm, so that grease and oil get back to where they belong.”

More Than Just a Vintage Car Event

The event has a special charm, as Mr. Regner emphasizes: “It’s more than just a vintage car event. It’s an event in the middle of the city, accessible to all. Not only enthusiasts come here, but also curious people from the city and the district.” This mix of expert talk and public interest makes the meeting something special. It is a bridge between past and present, between tech enthusiasts and laymen. Each vintage car tells its own story and invites the spectators to immerse themselves in a different time.

For the fans, it is an opportunity to present their treasures and at the same time be part of urban life. “I try to integrate the car into everyday life in the beautiful season,” says a participant. “So not only do I benefit from it, but also the passers-by on the street.”

Thus, the vintage car event becomes a living museum on wheels, transforming the city streets into a time travel for a day and thrilling young and old alike.

The event not only offered eye candy for vintage car enthusiasts, but also culinary delights. Guests could enjoy bratwurst, tarte flambée, ice cream, and other sweet treats. The tasting of our various Weyermann® craft beers and the beers of our Bamberger Hofbräu® line in our Weyermann® Visitors Center was well received by the guests. By the way, every Thursday we have our Weyermann® AFTERWORK STEHAUSSCHANK by Bamberger Hofbräu®. The event to enjoy Bamberger Hofbräu® beers by Weyermann® and fresh snacks from our in-house bakery in a convivial atmosphere. Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Memmelsdorfer Strasse 75 in Bamberg.

The Weyermann® beer specialties including all types of beer from the Bamberger® Hofbräu® line as well as the in-house whisky and gin, merchandising items and the coffee from Lebenshilfe Bamberg are available in the Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking.

Particularly noteworthy are our more than 100 hard-working employees from all departments of the red and yellow Weyermann® world, who helped make the classic car event possible in the first place. Thanks to the commitment of the Weyermann® team and careful planning, the 21st edition of this popular event was a complete success. It underlines Weyermann®’s connection with the local community and shows how a company can connect the past and the future.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to…

… Public Order Office and the Road Traffic Office of the city of Bamberg, without whose help the road closure and thus the beautiful vintage car atmosphere would not have been possible.

… all the neighbors and residents who generously provided their parking spaces.

… the ladies from Rotary Inner Wheel, who sold homemade cakes for a good cause.

… Christine Völkl, Mark Völkl & Katharina Kemmer from Coffee Bike Kemmer & Völkl for the fine coffee specialties, the net proceeds of which will go to the social projects of Inner Wheel.

… the Ludwig party service for grilling the bratwurst.

… Roger McLean from Tarte Flambée for the fantastic tarte flambée.

… Horst Krämer for the delicious ice cream from his historic ice cream truck.

… the company Sicherheit & Service Gerd Spindler from Weißenbrunn.

… our photographer Daniel Löb.

… Lebenshilfe Bamberg, who offered fresh coffee for tasting.

Photos: Daniel Löb
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