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Weyermann® trainees learn about beer sommeliers

„What is a beer sommelier and what are the responsibilities of a beer sommeliers?“, „How does the taste arise in the beer and how do you taste?“. These questions were answered by Annika Klee, manager Weyermann® visitors center and seminar programs, as part of the Weyermann® trainee learning round last Thursday.

In a detailed presentation, the studied beverage technologist and beer sommelier explained the profession of beer sommeliers and explained the basics on the subject flavors and aromas. In degustation glasses filled with nuts, coffee, dried fruits and more the trainees got to know the scent and taste notes, which trained noses can recognize in beers.

In a subsequent tasting round the nine trainees together with their trainee instructors Stefan Hönig, beer sommelier and production manager of the Heinz Weyermann® roast malt beer brewery, and Kristina Schneiderbanger, team assistant sales (export and marketing), tasted a Weyermann® Barley Wine and an India Pale Ale (the Collaboration Brew with the Stone & Woods brewery in Australia) and directly tested whether they could recognize the taste and scent notes, which they previously got to know in the degustation glasses, in the beers.

How good beer and food, in this case, beer and desserts harmonize, Annika Klee demonstrated with a beer and food pairing, where she let the participants taste the Weyermann® Oak-toberweizen (wheat beer) together with the orange - largueta almond chocolate from the chocolate manufactory Goldhelm.
All were absolutely thrilled with this completely new taste experience and amazed about the prevailing harmony. Overall, the trainee learning round was a great success for everyone involved. Now the trainees are eagerly looking forward to their next trainee learning rounds, where they e.g. expect a lecture from the Weyermann® company historian Christian Kestel.

Every year Weyermann® Malts looks forward to accompany their new trainee’s way into working life and stand by their side during this process of several years. At the moment Weyermann® Malts accompanies 15 trainees on their way. During so-called trainee learning rounds with varying topics and which are held every two weeks, the trainees learn more about the family business, the specialty malts and everything that has to do with the red and yellow Weyermann® world.


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