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"Weyermen" gain insights into the concept of Metabolic Balance®

As part of a Weyermann® academy event alternative practitioner for psychotherapy Norbert Mikuta introduced the concept of Metabolic Balance® on Wednesday evening in the historical Weyermann® canteen to an interested group of Weyermann® employees.
The focus of this nutritional concept lies on the holistic aspect of physical well-being.By aligning the diet to the personal needs, the metabolism is given momentum, the kilos tumble and metabolic disorders or illnesses such as bloating, skin blemishes, diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine, etc. are significantly improved. Through a blood analysis one can see, which substances the body is missing, so that on this basis individual nutrition plans are created, with specific foods that will provide the body with the missing substances.
The successful compliance of the nutrition plan leads to both physically and mentally better well-being.
For many years Weyermann® Malts has been offering its employees the opportunity to participate in a Metabolic Balance® course, which costs the Weyermann® management gladly bears. In the past this has led to considerable success - since the last group of "Weyermen", which participated in a Metabolic Balance® course, lost a total of 165 kg together!
The course is accompanied by specially trained consultants who stand by the participant’s side with advice and support.
All "Weyermen", who participated in the academy event, were impressed and many have directly registered for the upcoming Metabolic Balance® beginner course!

We say thank you to Norbert Mikuta for this informative presentation on Metabolic Balance® and the Weyermann® management, which not only bears the costs of that course, but also gives its employees the opportunity to strengthen their physical and mental well-being through courses like these. A super basis in order to always be best Weyermann® ambassadors!


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