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WEYERMANN® Nr. 0 Malztrunk

The Weyermann® Malztrunk is a non-aloholic, malt-based beverage. However, unlike most drinks in this category, ours is made without any added sugar. In the glass, it is dark chestnut in color. The bouquet is a fine blend of fruity aromas reminiscent of kiwi and apple, as well as notes of malty grain. The drink ́s sweetness is entirely malt-derived with aspects of caramel, honey and plum. A fine carbonation combined with a very mild bitterness and some gentle redisual acidity turn this drink into a perfect thirst quencher. It can be served with a great variety of foods, ranging from rice pudding and other sweet desserts, to spicy chili, to even savory or pungent cheeses, such as Danish blue, Stilton, or Gorgonzola.


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