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„Weyerwomen“ brew on International Women´s Day 2019

For the fourth time, the women at Weyermann® Malts came together on World Women´s Day on March 8th, 2019, to brew a special beer for the good cause.

World Women´s Day was established over 100 years ago and stands as a symbol of equality between men and women. Throughout the world, various actions and events take place on this day to draw attention to this topic.

With its Women´s Brew Day, Weyermann® Malts follows the example of the famous American network of female brewers, the Pink Boots Society, which organizes an International Women´s Brew Day every year on World Women´s Day.

According to the motto „By women, for women“, the proceeds from the sale of this year´s Weyermann® beer creation will once again be donated to the Women´s Shelter Bamberg.

Weyermann® brewmaster Constantin Förtner led this year´s brewing event in the new Weyermann® brew manufacture, which over 20 employees from different departments attended. In an entertaining way, he explained the single steps of the brewing process to the women and introduced the original recipe as well as the individual ingredients.

For the red, top-fermented summer beer, Constantin Förtner chose a fine selection of Weyermann® caramel and specialty malts, such as Weyermann® Special W® and Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt, as well as a special selection of hops and exquisite Fermentis® dry yeasts. Juicy strawberries and melons round off the special taste experience.

Enthusiastically and with united forces the „Weyerwomen” made their contribution. They poured crushed malt into the mash tun, vigorously helped with the juice extraction of the strawberries and melons and put hops into the wort kettle. A tour through the new facilities of the Weyermann® brew manufacture rounded off the morning for the participants.

The highlight of the day was the official handing over of the check to the team of the Women´s Shelter Bamberg and the representatives of SkF Bamberg e.V. with the proceeds of last year´s beer.

The alcoholic malt beverage with the name „Schoko küsst Orange“, which the „Weyerwomen“ brewed together on International Women´s Day 2018, brought in a proud sum of €2,500 for the Women´s Shelter in Bamberg.

Like last year, it will be up to the creative ideas of the employees in the specialty malts manufacture, what the mixed beer beverage, which will traditionally carry No. 83 (date: 8.3. = World Women´s Day), will be called.

As off mid-May, the beer creation will be available in a limited edition in our Weyermann® Craft Beer Fan Shop on Brennerstrasse 15 in Bamberg.

Cover photo: Silke Thomas, Weyermann® Marketing Manager (on the right) hands over the check over €2,500 from the proceeds of last year’s beer creation to Ursula Weidig (on the left), manager of the Women’s Shelter Bamberg.

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