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Weyermann® presents itself at the historical Christmas market in Clingen

For the second time, the Christmas barn in Clingen opened its gates for visitors on Saturday, December 16th 2017.
Harald Keitel, mayor of Clingen and head of the eponymous farm Keitel, invited regional traders, artisans and producers to create a unique Christmas market together.
In addition to a varied stage program, typical delicacies, warming drinks as well as fun and games were offered to the little visitors in the old half-timbered barn.

The 1st company of the tank battalion 393 from Bad Frankenhausen provided the catering together with the sports club Clingen.
The voluntary fire brigade Clingen took over the beverage supply and the Glühwein stand was supervised by the family and farm Keitel.

Weyermann® Malts was happy to present itself alongside other regional companies (such as Ziegenhof Peter, Holzhandel Groppe, etc.) with a bright red and yellow Weyermann® stand.

The idea was to introduce the product „malt“ to the inhabitants of Clingen and the surrounding communities and to represent the meanwhile 1-year takeover of the location by the malting company Weyermann® from Bamberg.

The response was consistently positive - the interested visitors enjoyed being attracted by the Weyermann® Candy Malt®, just to find out in which products malt can be used and which creative beer ideas can be created with it. With our classic, the Weyermann® smoked beer „Schlotfegerla®“ and the Weyermann® „Willy Wonka Bock“, we presented two different flavors that led to a lively exchange of ideas during the tasting.

With pleasure and interest, the visitors also perceived Weyermann® Malts as a potential employer and gladly took the preparatory flyers with them for friends, and for putting up in schools, kindergartens and public institutions.

All proceeds will be donated to the German Children´s Fund after deducting the costs. Here, Weyermann® Malts will also gladly contribute with a donation.

Conclusion of Pierre Sölter, Head of Maintenance Plant Clingen:
„From my point of view, I found the Weyermann® stand on the Christmas market to be very positive. I think we have been able to show many interested inhabitants of Clingen and local people what we do.
The response of the visitors was also very pleasing; there were many interested neighbors, friends and companions.
It was a lot of fun to supervise a Weyermann® stand for the first time and to represent the location together with Silke Thomas, Marketing Manager Bamberg and Oliver Matheis, Production Manager Plant Clingen.“

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