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Barke® wins first prize at Thuringian malting barley competition!

We are proud to announce the success story of the malting barley Barke® at this year’s Thuringian malting barley competition.
It won the first prize in the category “trade patterns”.
This is a very special award for the best malting barley quality from the region.

During the internal pre-selection of the samples we were already sure of the good qualities of our Barke®. Healthy grains, perfect protein content and good screening were the characteristics of this year´s harvest, which provides the ideal basis for excellent malting and brewing quality.

We are indeed happy about the award of this special variety. Three years ago we reintroduced this once most common barley variety back into our heirloom portfolio.

Barke® is a variety with all-round benefits: agronomically the barley variety has relatively short, robust stems and is almost resistant to leaf rust, net blotches and mildew. Brewers gladly use Barke® because of its large grain diameter, the good homogeneity of the grains, the superior diastase performance, excellent extract yield, and only moderate levels of soluble nitrogen as well as low beta-glucan levels.

All these advantages in processing are accompanied by a variety of positive influences on the character of beers brewed with Barke®. Thus even pale lager beers are characterized by a tasteful and distinctive body which is accompanied by a pleasant and soft mouthfeel.

Depending on the selected Barke® malt variety the malt aromatics can perfectly be incorporated into various beer styles. Starting with malty-sweet taste impressions for pale lager beers over light honey and nut notes for stronger styles, such as Fest and Märzen beers, to distinct pastry flavors for dark and bock beers, the malts produced from Barke® offer most comprehensive possibilities.

Weyermann® Malts carries the traditional malt variety in the variants Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt, Weyermann® Barke® Vienna Malt and Weyermann® Barke® Munich Malt and thus offers a perfect basis for authentic pale and tasty lager beers, especially for Pils.

The award was presented on December 7th, 2017 at the Stadtroda clubhouse in Thuringia.

Cover photo f.l.: Irina Ammer, laboratory manager Weyermann® location Clingen, Andreas Baum and Bodo Zier,
barley producers - directors of the Agricultural Society Prießnitz, Aishagul Schleicher, Weyermann® Grain Purchase
Gallery photo 1:Sample description Barke®
Gallery photo 2:Thomas Kraus-Weyermann (l.) and Sabine Weyermann (2.v.l.), Weyermann® directors, together with the directors & team of the Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach, in the barley fields of the historical malting barley variety Barke®

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