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Weyermann® Malts at the Pleasure festival for local beer in Ebern

On Saturday everything revolved around local beer at the pleasure festival in Ebern and Weyermann® Malts was of course on-site.

Our ambassadors: Roland Schuler, Maintenance Electrician Hassfurt, Aishagul Schleicher, Grain Purchase, Yovcho Byalkov, Production Manager Plant Hassfurt, and Akina Goto-Byalkov, Weyermann® tour guide.

Several breweries, among them also some Weyermann® customers such as the Raab brewery, Göller brewery, Roppelt brewery and Schlossbrauerei Zeitlos, presented the diverse brewery culture of the Hassberge district and served their beer specialties freshly from the tap. The Märzen beer of the first beer prince of the Hassberge district, Sebastian Gocker, was presented there for the first time.

At the booths of the breweries, the visitors were able to catch up with the experts on hops and malt as well as on the local brewery culture and learn some interesting facts about the brewing process. In addition, the brewery community Lindenau practiced the rare handicraft of the drumstick and the "Zeller Stammtischbräu" showed how beer is brewed in a mobile brewery.

Our thanks go to our Weyermann® ambassadors, who held up the red and yellow flag of the world market leader for specialty malts.


cover picture: our Weyermann® ambassadors Roland Schuler (r.), Yovcho Byalkov (2.f.l.) and Akina Goto-Byalkov (l.) together with beer prince Sebastian Gocker (2.f.r.)
gallery: Aishagul Schleicher together with beer prince Sebastian Gocker

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