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Weyermann® brewing barley producer award 2016

With great pride and pleasure five farmers, who have been supplying Weyermann® Malts with grain of the highest quality for many years, received the Weyermann® brewing barley producer award 2016 at the Weyermann® visitors center.
Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, gave the loyal suppliers, selected by a Weyermann® team of experts, the handmade and hand-painted plate including a Weyermann® chronicle.

With the award, launched in 2012, the world market leader regarding specialty malts wants to reward the special merits of farmers to provide high quality brewing barley. In addition, the regional brewing barley in Upper Franconia shall be promoted. The lucky farmers were:
Matthias Dauer from Weismain
Gerald Erlmann from Wonsees
Roland Gräf from Thurnau
Prüfer Gbr. from Leesau
Gerhard Unger from Wonsees
happily accepted the greeting from Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Sabine Weyermann, both Weyermann® management fourth generation, Aishagul Schleicher, grain logistics, Timo Haselmann, assistant grain logistics, Werner Lindner, warehouse manager Leesau, and Hans Wachtel, also warehouse manager Leesau, and Martin Bernreuther, mayor in Thurnau.
The promise of Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, to shorten the waiting times at the harvest 2016 of the supplying farmers in Leesau with a specially brewed harvest beer, brought serenity into an evening of fine food and to matching beers from Weyermann® brew manufacture, e.g. a Weyermann ® Rye PA, Oaktober wheat beer, Hofbräu® lager and a licorice porter. Weyermann® brew master and the first German Beer Sommelier Champion Dominik Maldoner presented the beers and personally pointed out their features.

In the afternoon the chosen farmers – annually, in total 500 farmers supply the Weyermann® grain reception in Leesau with their grain – got to know the production process of specialty malts during a guided tour with Aishagul Schleicher. Previously they have especially known the Weyermann® grain reception, where their grain is stored under the best conditions. Surely the visitors got to know further assets of the international long-established company during the tour.
Especially important for farmers are the fair and long-term contracts with "their" malting house whose values the farmers share, as well as the flexible reception times and short waiting times at the Weyermann® grain reception Leesau.

We at Weyermann® Malts look forward to literally more fruitful cooperation with our more than 500 local farmers – for us valuable and loyal partners! Because only with them, their raw materials and their high quality Weyermann® Malts is so successful! To a good harvest in 2016!
Which farmers receive the Weyermann brewing barley producer award?

Therefore in-depth analysis of the delivered grain are made and c samples and values of the past three years are compared with each other.
This quality inspection focuses on the following criteria:
- texture: sorting
- evaluation: scent, spelt texture and visual impression
- optimal protein content
- delivery reliability for at least 3 subsequent years

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