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VeW members receive insight into Lingva Eterna® language concept at Weyermann® Malts

The members of the Bamberg round of the association of former Weihenstephaner (VeW) learned about the language and communication concept Lingva Eterna® at their fourth gathering in 2015. Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf, head of the Lingva Eterna® institute, gave the 20 listeners an idea of the concept.
Place of the lecture was the visitors center of Weyermann® Malts opened at the beginning of 2015. The world market leader regarding specialty malts has been working with Lingva Eterna® for three years and stands up for an appreciative, clear and differentiated language inside and outside the company with great commitment. Therefore the company has recently been awarded with the Lingva Eterna® quality seal.
There were many aha-moments in the “illustrious round” of the Bamberg VeW members. In word samples they sympathized with specific words and their impacts. In the future, breaks and calling the names of dialogue partners will surely play a bigger role in the language of the studied brewers.
Moreover Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf gave the audience several tips, such as “whole sentences, whole luck!” or the hint that you can slow down your language and your life by using future-forms. Short, whole sentences could moreover contribute to clarity and appreciation, said Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf.

After this introduction in an appreciative language culture the VeW members of the Bamberg round devoted themselves to the drinking culture and enthusiastically tasted the many different Weyermann® beers from the Weyermann® brew manufacture, which were served that evening. Now all members are looking forward to the program for the current year and many inspiring gatherings.


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