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Weyermann® works meeting 2016

On Wednesday evening 180 employees from 14 nations celebrated their works meeting at the invitation of Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation – for the first time at the restaurant Plückers of the Welcome Hotel Bamberg. Because the Bamberg traditional company and world market leader regarding specialty malts is steadily growing:
Last year alone 30 new employees were hired.

Also Sabine Weyermann pointed out this fact during her welcome speech.
“We are well positioned for the future and will also invest in our plant in Bamberg in 2016 and in this year especially in Haßfurt.“ said the managing director and partner, who was awarded for her 30 years of commitment for the red and yellow Weyermann® world during the works meeting. “We were able to extend our best reputation as world market leader”, Sabine Weyermann was happy to say. Moreover one was able to offer the employees a lot – especially a safe working place, as well as language courses, progressive muscle relaxation,
Bach flowers counselling and much more. For the future Sabine Weyermann wishes her team and herself continued trust and appreciation for one another, friendship instead of hostility, tolerance instead of resentment and indulgence instead of ruthlessness.

Klaus Bayer, Weyermann® works council chairman was happy to give this appreciation back to the management and the plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann during his speech and thanked for the great cooperation and the many assets for the Weyermann® employees as for example the Christmas money, supplementary health insurance, organic apples and and and.
Klaus Bayer also emphasized on the many investments from 2015, e.g. the new palletizer for the logistics center, the new visitors center or the new water tanks for the malting house. He spoke honorable words in particular to Sabine Weyermann for her 30th company anniversary: “With tireless diligence and stamina you have turned a small provincial company into the world market leader regarding specialty malts!”
Highlight of the evening was the honoring of the jubilees, especially
Sabine Weyermann for 30 years of commitment for the red and yellow Weyermann® world.

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann thanked his wife on the occasion of the "big managing director anniversary" for her life´s work, which is crowned with great success, "Thank you, Sabine, that you bring people together so great and make our daily lives so special - with flowers, birthday and anniversary congratulations and much more. "Today many employees could not imagine how small the beginning of the success story of Weyermann® Malts has been in the 90s.
Emotionally moved Thomas Kraus-Weyermann pinned the Weyermann® badge of honor on Sabine Weyermann, who thanked by saying "Thank you, I do not want to stop, it´s fun and I still want to remain in the red-yellow family!".
The Weyermann® honorary certificate and a beer mug in Weyermann® design completed the appreciation.

Also honored for their commitment at the Weyermann® world were:
Franz Schwandner, malting house, 25 years
Christian Gröger, roasting house, 20 years
Norbert Judex, malting house, 20 years
Tobias Koch, electrician, 15 years
Werner Lindner, grain reception Leesau, 10 years
Vladimir Weigum, malting house, 10 years
Daniel Klose, malting house,10 years

Afterwards the performance of the new employees perfected a harmonious, happy evening with good food and beer from the Weyermann® brew manufacture. All were able to quickly memorize the refrain of the Weyermann® song 2016 with which the new “Weyermen” presented their departments and their tasks
“This is our daily bread, Weyermann® in Yellow and Red” A photo booth for fun pictures made the works meeting in Weyermann® style additionally entertaining.
To a happy, successful year 2016!

Photos: Bamberg TV1

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