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Weyermann® Malts shines at the alumni reunion of the brewers vocational school Munich

Recently the former students of the brewers vocational school Munich came together for an alumni reunion and Weyermann® Malts was from the party, represented from Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier
Karl-Ludwig Rieck and Diego Castillo, brewer and maltster trainee and dual student at the vocational school Munich/FH Weihenstephan–Triesdorf.

Approximately 100 former Munich vocational school students came together at the “Alten Schmiede” of the Augustiner Bräustuben, a Weyermann® customer, and took the opportunity to exchange views on old times.
For many years Weyermann® Malts has been sponsoring this alumni reunion with beer specialties from the Weyermann® brew manufacture and moreover promotes the active brewer apprenticeship at the vocational schools with raw material donations.

The close relationship to the vocational schools is also reflected in the Southern Bavarian-/Munich Championships of the brewers and maltsters, where every year a Weyermann® representative is invited as a juror and evaluates the brews of the participants. Great that we as a company with many living traditions are able to share one of them with the brewers vocational schools.

www.bsgastro.musin.de/Brauer und Mälzer

Photo f.l.t.r.:
Stefan Knallinger (vocational school teacher for brewers and maltsters),
Karl-Ludwig Rieck (Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommerlier),
Bernt Horeth (vocational school teacher for brewers and maltsters) and
Günter Weber (vocational school teacher for brewers and maltsters)

Read here the nice feedback of Bernt Horeth :

„Dear Sabine Weyermann, this way I would like to thank you for your generous support at the alumni reunion of the brewers vocational school Munich. Approximately over 100 former Munich brewers and maltster students from different classes since 1995 attended the reunion. Not least thanks to your support it was a great party.”

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