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Weyermann® Malts visits Bamberg Lebenshilfe Werkstatt RehaWe

As part of a Weyermann® academy event an interested group of "Weyermen" visited the Bamberg Lebenshilfe Werkstatt RehaWe - an independent and charitable association for people with mental disabilities, their families, experts and friends. The world market leader regarding specialty malts maintains a very special friendship with the Bamberg Lebenhilfe, since they manufacture our wooden boxes, a beer bottle carrier for nine bottles, for the monthly Weyermann® house drink.

The RehaWe (rehabilitation workshop) with its nearly 100 mentally impaired employees is an important part in the offer of the Bamberg Lebenshilfe workshops. The purpose of this institution was and is to take the special circumstances and everyday reality of mentally impaired people into account in the context of vocational integration.

Michael Bornschlegel, the workshop manager, gave the "Weyermen" an insight into the work of the Bamberg Lebenshilfe and then led the group through the premises. From a jewelry department and a bicycle repair shop to a coffee roasting house, electrical workshop and chair braiding shop – everything could be found. This diversity within the RehaWe was particularly impressive for all employees of Weyermann® Malts. Following the guided tour the group gathered for a dinner and reviewed their trip.

Thanks go to Michael Bornschlegel for the interesting tour of the RehaWe and the Weyermann® management for bearing the costs of the dinner.


Cover picture: Tanja Kopsch (l.), Weyermann® secretary, and
Michael Bornschlegel (r.), RehaWe manager
gallery: wooden boxes for the Weyermann® house drink

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