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Weyermann® Malts receives language quality seal

Weyermann® Malts strongly supports an appreciative, clear and differentiated language both within and outside the company with great commitment. For this commitment, the Bamberg traditional company has now been awarded with the LINGVA ETERNA® quality seal.

On this consistent path to improve the Weyermann® language culture, the LINGVA ETERNA Institute for conscious language has accompanied the Bamberg specialty malting company for two years, with the head of the institute, Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf, as well as the senior partner, Dr. Theodor von Stockert.

During lectures, seminars and individual lessons, all employees at Weyermann® Malts – from the management to the roaster - have become more conscious of their language and with targeted changes have already achieved great things in their communication and thus in their appearance and work. Especially the intensive individual lessons have encouraged us to carefully examine personal expressions and to rethink and improve habitual terms in our way of speaking.

Weyermann® Malts is proud of its mindful use of language, which shapes the interactions with customers, employees and business partners. „With this conscious use of language Weyermann® Malts promotes humanity, sincere appreciation and personal responsibility“
as stated on the awarded seal of quality. This way, Weyermann® Malts makes a valuable contribution to our society.

Weyermann® Malts wants to continue on this path of mindful use of language also in the future and offers new language seminars every month. We at Weyermann® Malts no longer „worry“ about tasks, but rather fulfill them, we don’t do things „quickly“ anymore, we rather do everything carefully!

Photo: Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf (middle) hands over the Lingva Eterna® quality seal to Sabine Weyermann (l.) and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann (r.), Weyermann® management and fourth generation.


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