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Weyermann® Malts enters the Indian food sector

At the end of 2015 Weyermann® Malts entered the Indian food sector for the first time, when our loyal Weyermann® customer, the Pub brewery and restaurant “District 6” in Bangalore, India, brought food, prepared with Weyermann® Malts, onto the menu.

During the Christmas holidays from 23.12.2015 – 03.01.2016 malt-based pizza and malt-based bread, prepared with the Weyermann® baking mixtures from Bamberg, was on the “Chef’s Special” menu. Both the pizza and the bread was very well received by the guests and praised to the skies. Not without reason did the The Times Group, the leading newspaper in terms of food and beverages in India award "District 6" with the title "The Best Bar & Restaurant" for its diverse and exceptional food and drinks.

The brewery has already successfully been brewing diverse craft beers with the quality malts of Weyermann® - from our Weyermann® distribution partner for India, Sanjiv Nagpal of OM Distributors - in a Kaspar Schulz brew house since the opening of "District 6" in 2014 and now beats this with malt-based dishes!
Also our Weyermann® techno commercial associate for the Indian market, Pradeep Verma, stood by the side of the "District 6" team!

We look forward to when the ever-popular Weyermann® malt icecream is on the dessert menu of "District 6" and wish until then "happy brewing and happy cooking with Weyermann® Malts!"

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