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We celebrate the 30th company anniversary of Jürgen Buhrmann

We had a great occasion to celebrate last Friday. The Weyermann® management had invited to celebrate the 30th company anniversary of general manager Jürgen Buhrmann!

In the festively decorated Weyermann® Visitor Center, the jubilarian welcomed the close circle of his invited and vaccinated guests to the champagne reception.

Weyermann® President Sabine Weyermann - 4th generation - opened the celebration with a special speech. The focus was on Jürgen Buhrmann´s successful path and the many milestones he has achieved personally and with Weyermann®.

The shared stations reach back to his studies in Weihenstephan. It was here that Jürgen Buhrmann first met our current President Thomas Kraus-Weyermann. After his studies he went via Dortmund to Bamberg. The start at Weyermann® began as laboratory manager and took place almost simultaneously with Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann joining the Weyermann® management.

Sabine Weyermann sincere thanked Jürgen Buhrmann for 30 colorful, red-yellow, exciting and eventful years.

The general manager reflected the thanks and emphasized the trustful partnership with the management. It was equally important to him that several Weyermann® companions could celebrate this beautiful occasion with him. He let his guests know, that he is looking forward to the joined future and the further progress with Weyermann®.

Jürgen Buhrmann looked back on the lucky events that brought him to Bamberg. The viewing of a television report about the study of brewing in Weihenstephan, which moved him as a young high school graduate to move to faraway Bavaria. Finding a friend for studies and life in Thomas Kraus-Weyermann. And the fantastic offer to start as a laboratory manager at Weyermann® in the 1990s.

He looked back with satisfaction on the successful path of the last 30 years.

Afterwards, Weyermann® President Thomas Kraus-Weyermann took the floor. He also thanked his long-time companion. At the same moment, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann took the opportunity to present the various gifts to the jubilarian. The gourmet Jürgen Buhrmann received a new grill and a unique Weyermann® gift: his own beer!

This special gift was created in the Weyermann® brewery. Based on the ideas of the Weyermann® tasting panel, master brewer Constantin Förtner and his team created the anniversary beer with the No. 30: “Jürgen´s matured wheatsdom”.

Aged for 4 months in wooden Pinot Blanc barrels, the Weizenbock is a unique taste experience. The beer spreads a well-tempered blend of fruity grape notes reminiscent of prosecco and vermouth and herbaceous, yet restrained hop aromas. Added to this are fruity-estrous hints of banana, clove and leathery cedar, over a fresh, harmonious background of malty sweetness and delicate tartness. This solid, 6.8-percent beer thus embodies a parable of composure, strength and balanced wisdom - just as you would expect from Jürgen Buhrmann.

To ensure that all employees can also raise their glasses to Jürgen Buhrmann´s honor, each employee received a 6-pack of this special beer.

In a convivial atmosphere, the guests looked back on the last 30 years with Jürgen Buhrmann and enjoyed the unique beer. Fittingly, the buffet offered delicious Breadsticks made with beer from our Weyermann® craft baker Friedrich Rauh.

The entire Weyermann® team wishes Jürgen Buhrmann all the best for this special anniversary and many more successful years in our family company!

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