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>Welcome to Weyermann Specialty Malts

Welcome to the team, Constantin Förtner

On October 1st 2017 Constantin Förtner will start to work as our new brewmaster in our Weyermann® brew manufacture. He completed his training as a brewer and maltster in the brewery Spezial here in Bamberg. A few years later he underwent further ... more

Weyermann® on tour: Craft Beer Festival Beertopia

Larissa Diesendorf,Weyermann® Export Coordinator and Key Account Assistant, is flying to Hongkong in Southeast Asia today, where she will attend the Craft Beer Festival Beertopia and visit some Weyermann® customers. Beertopia is Hong Kong´s larg ... more

Over 100 medals for Weyermann® customers at this year´s European Beer Star

What a great success for our Weyermann® customers at this year’s European Beer Star. Over 100 (!) of the in total 180 gold, silver and bronze medals went to Weyermann® customers from all around the world – congratulations! In the 14th edition of t ... more

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Beer seminars at Weyermann®!

All Weyermann® fans, beer lovers and friends of good taste have the opportunity to experience Weyermann® in a very nice and lovely atmosphere.

Our 18 educated beer sommeliers who are working at Weyermann® will provide every customer and attendant with its very own special knowledge about beer, malt and brewing.

Check out our program:

Meet the Brewer
September, 21st

Beer variety
October, 5th

Please note:
English seminars are only available for exclusive bookings

All seminars will take place at 6:30 pm (every Thursday!)
Duration: approx.
2-3 hours

More information at:

Weyermann® MalzfabrikBrennerstraße 17 - 1996052 Bamberg Telefon + 49 (0) 951 93 220-0Fax + 49 (0) 951 93 220-970eMail info@weyermann.de