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6. Weyermann® Easter Barbecue    18.04.2017

Prior to the long Easter weekend the employees of the Bamberg family business came together at the Weyermann® locksmith´s shop for the 6. Weyermann® Easter barbecue at the invitation of the Weyermann® more

We say goodbye to Sebastian Lutz    12.04.2017

Today we say goodbye to Sebastian Lutz, who worked at our Weyermann® plant in Hassfurt for nearly four years. There Sebastian Lutz began his apprenticeship as an electronics technician specializing more

Weyermann® ambassadors shine at the EuroGastro in Warsaw    11.04.2017

Last week the EuroGastro took place in Warsaw and Weyermann® was of course on-site represented by Marian Lukaszczyk, our longtime Weyermann® distribution partner for Poland, and the Bamberg brewery ma more

Baby girl for the red and yellow Weyermann® World    11.04.2017

Welcome on earth, Amelie Schmitt! The whole Weyermann® team warmly congratulates Bernd Schmitt, Head of Maintenance Machines at our Weyermann® plant in Bamberg, and his wife Marina Schmitt to the more

Weyermann® Malts at the Craft Brewers Conference 2017    07.04.2017

The biggest trade fair for the brewing industry, the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), will take place from April 10th – April 13th 2017 in Washington, D.C., USA, and of course Weyermann® Malts is of co more

Weyermann® Malts at the EuroGastro 2017    04.04.2017

From 06.04.2016 – 08.04.2016 the 20th anniversary edition of the Euro Gastro in Warsaw takes place and Weyermann® is on site represented by Marian Lukaszczyk, our longtime Weyermann® distribution part more

Weyermann® Malts at the Annual Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo 2017    03.04.2017

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management fourth generation, and Denise Jones, Weyermann® distiller, are off to Baltimore, USA. During the next few days they will attend the Annual Craft Spirits C more

Welcome to the Weyermann® team, Thomas Wallich!    03.04.2017

On this sunny Monday morning we wish Thomas Wallich a great first day at work in the red and yellow Weyermann® World. Thomas Wallich will work in our shipping department and support the team of Ro more

We welomce a new Weyermann® ambassador on the raod!    03.04.2017

It’s Sven Ziegler’s first day at work in the red and yellow Weyermann® world today. The trained professional driver professional will work as Weyermann® ambassador on the road and bring our malts more

Welcome to the team, Annika Schaible!     31.03.2017

Next Monday we look forward to welcoming Annika Schaible at Weyermann® Malts. The 30-year-old forwarding merchant will support our logistics team. Among other things, Ms. Schaible will be responsi more

Barcelona Beer Festival 2017 - with Weyermann® Malts    30.03.2017

Last weekend the Barcelona Beer Festival took place and of course Weyermann® Malts was there. Our ambassadors on-site were Weyermann® Malts & Craft Beer Ambassador Gregor Alic, Weyermann® Key Account more

We welcome Tom Bohn to the Weyermann® team!    28.03.2017

As of April 1st 0217 we look forward to welcome Tom Bohn to our Weyermann® team. At Weyermann® Malts, the graduate brewmaster (TU Munich – Weihenstephan) will work as sales representative. more

Successful trade fair appearance at the SIBA BeerX 2017    27.03.2017

Recently our international Weyermann® customer consultant Axel Jany attended the SIBA BeerX in Sheffield, Great Britain, together with John Middleton, Weyermann® UK Representative. At the SIBA Beer more

Welcome to the team, Thomas Bittel!    24.03.2017

As of April 1st 0217 we look forward to welcome Thomas Bittel to our Weyermann® team. The trained industrial mechanic with over 20 years of experience will start as a locksmith and support the Wey more

Weyermann® trademark „Special W®” registered and protected in Brazil!     24.03.2017

Full of joy we’ve received the registration certificate on the registration of our Weyermann® trademark "Special W®". For Weyermann® Malts the international protection of its trademarks is part of more

We say goodbye to Kai-Uwe Obermeier    23.03.2017

We say goodbye to Kai-Uwe Obermeier, who is headed back to his home, Upper Palatinate. Kai-Uwe Obermeier worked as accountant at Weyermann® Malts for one and a half years. He was responsible for ge more

Weyermann® Malts at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2017    23.03.2017

This afternoon Gregor Alic, Weyermann® Malts & Craft Beer Ambassador is off to Barcelona, Spain. There he will attend the Barcelona Beer Festival together with Xavier Galobart, Weyermann® Key Account more

Unannounced audit successfully passed in Bamberg!     22.03.2017

Last week Torsten Engelhardt from the SGS-ICS conducted an unannounced audit in accordance with the QA feed standard at our plant in Bamberg. The spot audit is announced 48 hours in advance and can’t more

Weyermann® Malts at the BHBT 7th craft brewery seminar in Guangzhou    21.03.2017

Recently Andreas Richter, Weyermann® Quality Manager, travelled to Guangzhou in China. There he attended the “BHBT 7th craft brewery seminar”, which is hosted from Barth-Haas Trade Co., Ltd., our Weye more

Weyermann® Malts at the SIBA Beer X 2017    16.03.2017

It’s the time of the year again - the SIBA BEER X in Sheffield, UK, is taking place and we of course are of the party! Our ambassadors on-site are Axel Jany, international Weyermann® customer consulta more

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