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New Weyermann® employee in August 2015    24.07.2015

Welcome Kristina Schneiderbanger who will be team assistant to the export and marketing department at Weyermann®. From August 1st she will support our Weyermann® team. After studying business administ more

New Weyermann® employee in August 2015    24.07.2015

Welcome Kristina Schneiderbanger who will be team assistant to the export and marketing department at Weyermann®. From August 1st she will support our Weyermann® team. After studying business administ more

Weyermann® covering "Beer Bible" of 2015    24.07.2015

The new Franconian Beer Bible published by Markus Raupach and Bastian Boettner presents Weyermann® very popular on the front page. Weyermann® Brew Master and German Beer Sommelier Master from 2013 Dom more

New apprentices at Weyermann® in 2015    24.07.2015

We are happy to realize apprenticeships for several young people. 2014/2015 Weyermann® educated 15 trainees and 90ß% of them were taken over by the company afterwards. From September 1st on two appren more

Beer Tastings at Weyermann® Malt – Porter    24.07.2015

Before we start into our public beer tasting seminars in our Weyermann® guest center in Septemeber we are trying out various beer styles with our internal expert team with our Weyermann® beer sommelie more

Beer seminars at Weyermann®    23.07.2015

We are so happy to finally announce our newest highlight at Weyermann®: Weekly public beer seminars in our freshly opened guest center at Brennerstrasse 15. From September 2015 on we will offer public more

Precise Analytics at Weyermann®    22.07.2015

Weyermann® always wants to keep its Quality Standard high. This is why the German Calibration Department conducts yearly certifications of Weyermann® scales. We want our customers to trust in us and i more

Hello, Liam! - Offspring at Weyermann®    22.07.2015

We are happy to announce beautfiul news: We want to congratulate Florian Huebner, Weyermann® Processing and his domestic partner Alexandra Nagengast to the birth of their son Liam. The little boy was more

St. Otto Festival with Weyermann® Malt    17.07.2015

First of all we are thankful for having such a caring management that payed for food and drinks at this years’ St. Otto Festival. The whole Weyermann® team enjoyed the festival with loads of sausages more

Weyermann® leaders in Leesau – Optimism for 2015 harvest    17.07.2015

Weyermann® leading colleagues visited the fields around grain collection site in Leesau near Thurnau. The team from Leesau and Aishagul Schleicher, head of grain purchase department, explained the gra more

Weyermann® Malt visiting loyal customers in Chicago, IL    16.07.2015

Franziska Weyermann, fifth Weyermann generation, and Ulrich Ferstl, team leader customer consultant and responsible for food industry are visiting loyal Weyermann® customers in beautiful Chicago, IL. more

Unser Team wächst auch im September 2015!    14.07.2015

Begrüßen Sie mit uns Sabine Schwarz unter den Weyermann® Mitarbeitern. Die gelernte Bürokauffrau hat die vergangenen dreieinhalb Jahre auf Teneriffa gelebt und als Teamassistentin in einem Immobilienb more

Weyermann® at IFT15    13.07.2015

Franziska Weyermann, fifth Weyermann generation, and Ulrich Ferstl who is teamleader costumer consultants and responsible for food industry, are visiting the leading trade show IFT 2015 (Institute of more

15th Weyermann® Antique Car Event    08.07.2015

Yesterday the Weyermann® Specialty Malts Manufacture transformed into some sort of „Mecca“ for all antique car lovers. More than 350 antique cars and motorcycles made their way to Brennerstraße as tem more

Fascinated by caves – A Weyermann® colleague presents his special hobby    07.07.2015

The silence, the pure feeling of untouched nature and the patterns, the colors of unseen places of earth – that is what Weyermann® colleague Stephan Buettel loves about caves. He is into cave research more

High-end barley for Weyermann® Malto Eraclea Tipo Pilsner     01.07.2015

The first shipments of high-end barley from exclusive region named Eraclea, Italy have reached the Weyermann® grain collection site in Leesau. The newly developed malt called Weyermann® Malto Eraclea more

Cararye® Brasilien registered trademark    01.07.2015

The Weyermann® specialty malt Cararye® is now a regesitered trademark in Brasil as well. Now Weyermann® can present its more than 140 trademarks. It is a great part of the Weyermann® philosophy to ta more

Weyermann® donating to african school meals    30.06.2015

Father Athanas Meixner who is with the abbey of Muensterschwarzach which is supported by Weyermann® Malt presented an interim balance about their Tanzanian donations program: There is a lot to do. Sti more

New Weyermann® employee in July 2015    29.06.2015

Viktor Kunz will be a part of the Weyermann® Team from July 1st 2015. He will be working in at the brewing manufacture and marketing department. The 45-year-old man is Segesha, a town in the Republic more

Weyermann® looking forward to great harvest    26.06.2015

As we took a tour through the fields of our more than 500 Weyermann® farmers all sorts of grain (barley, wheat, rye and spelt) were in great shape! We are glad to see that our grains are doing well an more

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