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Bier Convent International - 80th friendship meeting in Kiev, Ukraine     31.05.2006

Sabine, member since 1996 and Thomas enjoy mingling and mangling with the notable friends from 21 different countries. Most of all they are thrilled to get to know many more enthusiastic new Weyerm more

Bakery Showcase in Toronto, Kanada May 2006     30.05.2006

Since Weyermann Specialty Malts are also wonderful ingredients for the baking industry, from Israel to France, from Canada to Munich, Sabine and Thomas Weyermann enjoy meeting interesting future costu more

Weyermann Malt supports the international brewing schools
January - June 2006

Weyermann Malt is happy to support the different brewing schools in multiple ways. more

Weyermann bockbeer seminar with italian customers     27.04.2006

From Sicily to Milan, from Venice to the swiss-italian border, a happy group of italian brewers joined the Weyermann bockbeer seminar. The were all thrilled to meet Barbara as a female brew master more

World Beer Cup - Seattle, USA April 2006    25.04.2006

Happy faces, tears from joy, we celebrate all night long the great success of Weyermann costumers! http://www.beertown.or more

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America (R), Seattle, USA April 2006    24.04.2006

Sabine & Thomas Weyermann meet at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America (R) happy Weyermann costumers from around the globe! www.beertown.org/events/cbc/conference more

Weyermann was happy to support the Swedish home brewing championship!    07.04.2006

The event was very successful and Weyermann Malt was one of the appreciations given to the winners. 281 beers competed in the championship, 80 types of the beers were served to the more of 400 vi more

Weyermann Specialty Malts in Brasil     07.04.2006

Weyermann is supporting the market of specialty beer by introducing their enormous range of more than 65 different specialty malts to Brazil! Need more information? Just contact Paulo Stenghel at s more

Smoked Malt Tasting in Praha, Czech Republic     07.03.2006

Josef Moravec, Weyermann Wholesaler Czech Republic & Andreas Richter, Quality Manager at Weyermann Specialty Malts in Praha at the PIVOVARSKY DUM Club. more

Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co, Rimini February 2006    10.02.2006

Happy faces in Italy: Weyermann Specialty Malts at the Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co. in Rimini more

Weyermann logistic centre - first bag crossed the Weyermann bridge!    19.12.2005

Thursday, December 15th, 2005 at 2:30p.m. …A milestone in our company’s history.
After 2 years of planning and 8 months of construction, our 1st bag of Carapils® has left the historical buildin more

Great American Beer Festival Denver, Colorado, USA    21.11.2005

2005-09-29 till 2005-10-01 The three-day event brings record number of beer connoisseurs from around the world to Denver, Colo. (a city dubbed “the Napa Valley of beer” by many of the world’s beer more

118 th MBAA Convention, Miami, Florida, USA    21.11.2005

2005-10-14 till 2005-10-16 Sabine and Thomas Weyermann enjoyed meeting brewers from around the world! More than 500 brewers from 23 different countries joined the annual conference, which took p more

Kaspar Schulz trade show & welcome party at Weyermann    21.11.2005

2005-11-11 till 2005-11-12 Weyermann Malt participated in the 2005 edition of the Kaspar Schulz trade show. Kaspar Schulz, the world’s oldest brew equipment manufacturer, is a Bamberg institution, more

Weyermann Bavarian Party in Bamberg     15.11.2005

November 15, 2003 3:00 p.m. after Brau Beviale in Nuremberg Come to Bamberg, World cultural city, explore 1000 years of history (There will be bilingual guided walking tours on Sunday !) Have a chat w more

Weyermann Specialty Malts in the Czech Republic     10.10.2005

Happy faces in Usti nad Labem: More than 400 brewers enjoyed seeing the great variety of Weyermann Specialty Malts more

Finishing Weyermann logistics center    05.10.2005

progress of construction work from July till October more

Olique Cars Steal the Show at Weyermann Malt July 2005     05.07.2005

Bamberg, Germany, July 11, 2005. On Tuesday, July 5, the venerable Weyermann Plant — made of red brick and itself a German National Industrial Historic Site — witnessed a gathering of another sort of more

Groundbreaking logistics center June 6, 2005    06.06.2005

On Monday evening, June 6, 2005, business and political leaders gathered on Brennerstrasse in Bamberg, Germany, to celebrate the groundbreaking for of the new four-million-Euro (almost five million U. more

Weyermann Specialty Malts and MEG at Drinktec in Munich    10.05.2005

Busy time at MEG (Malt Export Group and Weyermann). Thomas, Sabine & Frank hosted costumer friends from around the globe like Thailand, Vietnam, China, Korea, Ukraine, Lithunia, Russia, Usbekistan, T more

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