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Early morning Hop Inspection at Weyermann Gardens    19.09.2007

The Weyermann experts doing a sensorial analysis for the next batch to be brewed: Using the very first batch of Bavarian grown spring barley and aroma hops from the Weyermann garden! more

A look at the Weyermann world while riding on a hot-air ballon    06.09.2007

Lets have a look! more

Weyermann at Brasil Brau in São Paulo - June 2007     19.06.2007

Weyermann is supporting the market of specialty beer by introducing their enormous range of more than 70 different specialty malts at the Brasil Brau in São Paulo. For more information please conta more

Weyermann pilsbeer seminar with italian customers     16.05.2007

From Valtellina to Catania, from Turino to Vicenza, a happy group of italian brewers joined the Weyermann pilsbeer seminar. Please contact our italian wholesaler for further seminars: UBERTI more

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America(R), Austin, Texas, USA
April 2007

Weyermann Co-President Thomas-Kraus Weyermann together with Weyermann Customer Service Representative Ulrich Ferstl represented the Weyermann Team at the annual Craft Brew Conference and BrewExpo Amer more

19th annual Swedish Championship, Stockholm 2007    02.05.2007

600 visitors sampling over 80 different beers. In the professionally judged competition, 296 beers brewed by 150 different homebrewers! The happy woman in the yellow dress is Jessica Heidrich. S more

A Brazilian Brewery Named Bamberg visits a Bamberg Malting Company Named Weyermann    20.03.2007

Alexandre Bazzo had harbored a special dream for a long time ... and finally, in March 2007, it came true: Together with his wife Katia, he spent a two-week vacation in Bamberg, Bavaria. In 2005, A more

Weyermann Malt in Brittany, France     13.03.2007

Happy faces in Brittany - Stéphane Tanguy, a French brewer trained in the UK, is more than happy to make Weyermann malts available in Brittany where more than 20 brewers are eager to use the best malt more

Weyermann Movie online!    23.02.2007

Join us for an interesting & exciting tour of the Weyermann world and learn more about our philosophy of a perfect world and life balance! more

Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co, Rimini February 2007    22.02.2007

Happy Weyermann customers as always when Sabine and Thomas are going to meet brewer friends all over the globe! Lots of them won very successfully different prices with beers brewed with Weyermann more

Weyermann Bavarian Party 2006    29.11.2006

440 Brewers joined this annual event on the historical Weyermann premises. From Jerusalem to Boston from Kopenhagen to Barcelona and Greece brewers friends from more than 25 different Weyermann custom more

BRAU Beviale 2006 in Nuremberg    28.11.2006

Sabine and Thomas are meeting at the Brau Beviale 2006 in Nuremberg national brewers from Franconia as well as international brewers from around the globe. Also presented is the MEG (Malt Export Gr more

Offical opening of the Weyermann fan shop!    27.11.2006

We have just opened our Weyermann fan shop which can be visited on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.! It is dedicated to all our enthusiastic customers and of course to hobby brewers and to Bambergers more

Polish Brewers Meeting in Kielece - 2006    26.11.2006

Time for our polish partners - Browamator- to meet interesting people from micro-, medium- and big breweries! more

Weyermann Bavarian Party in Bamberg - November 18th, 2006    19.10.2006

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming Weyermann Bavarian Party in Bamberg on November 18th, 2006 at 3:00 pm after BRAU Beviale in Nuremberg. Come to Bamberg, part of the world cultural heritag more

World Grains Summit - San Francisco, September 2006    27.09.2006

Sabine and Thomas Weyermann took care about the Weyermann booth to introduce the wide range of high quality Weyermann products and services. Andreas Richter took part in different scientific worksh more

Weyermann Specialty Malts for the first time at the China Brew     04.09.2006

Our chinese wholesalers Jinan Fruit Research Institute and Barth Haas (Beijing) Trade Co. Ltd. represented Weyermann for the first time ever at the "China Brew" in Beijing from 05. -09. Sept. 2006. more

Weyermann Specialty Malts in Denmark - August 2006     02.09.2006

Danish brewers keep Weyermann busy! Sabine and Thomas Weyermann got on a educational trip around Denmark. Due to Jesper Vognesen, the very agile Weyermann networking and distributions partner in t more

Official inauguration of Weyermann Logistic Centre - July 2006    21.07.2006

Welcome speech from Sabine Weyermann & Thomas Kraus-Weyermann Dear guests, dear employees (members of staff), we cordially appreciate you all today to our inauguration of the new Weyermann-log more

Copenhagen Ølfestival May, 19th - 21st 2006 in Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark    01.06.2006

Sabine and Thomas enjoy the diversity of beers styles and beer ingredients far away from „Reinheitsgebot"! The brewers of denmark experience with birch trees syrup, elderberries, sage … just to me more

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