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11th edition of "salon du brasseur"    19.02.2009

In February was the 11th edition of "salon du brasseur" www.passionbrasserie.com organised by "musée français de la brasserie" at St Nicol more

Weyermann® 6th Generation     11.02.2009

On Tuesday, February 10th 2009 Frederik Flämig (3.000 gramms / 53cm) - first son of Natascha and Michael Flämig (Weyermann® 5th Generation) - was born. The Weyermann® family and staff welcomed Fred more

Poor Soldier Porter, Albany Pump Station, Upstate New York    20.01.2009

Creative American Brewers love to brew with Weyermann® Malts: Hi all, the beer business is booming here in Albany - we´re selling many barrels since the stock market crashed back in October. more

Palestinian and Israelian brewers at the Weyermann® Bavarian Party    15.01.2009

A pint for peace: in the background from left to right:. Lior Balmas (Beer-D Brewing Supply), Nadim Khouri (Taybeh Brewing Co.), Yochai Kudler (Hanegev Brewery) in front from left to right: Yari more

Senior boss Irma Weyermann passed away    05.01.2009

The Weyermann® Senior Boss, Irma Weyermann, passed away at the age of 90 on Saturday December 27th 2008. Irma had always been an open-minded and benevolent associates of Weyermann® Malts and a grea more

drink technology Bombay/Mumbai India 2008    09.12.2008

1 billion people, 20 million citizens living in the huge metropolis Dehli, as well as Mumbai (Bombay). 400 million Indian citizens are younger than 25 y/o, with a yearly consumption of 0,7 liters of more

1. Weyermann® Bockbieranstich    26.11.2008

The Weyermann® Management celebrated together with employees, families and close friends the 1st Weyermann® Bockbieranstich - a popular german tradition. Served were delicious home-made Sengzelten more

Weyermann® Bavarian Party - 10th Anniversary of changing Customers into Friends    25.11.2008

Brewers from more than 35 Countries of the World came to Bamberg to meet with friends and to get the Weyermann® spirit! Weyermann® - much more than just malt - Palestinians and Israelians enjoy thi more

Weyermann® Malt goes United Kingdom!    23.11.2008

We are happy to welcome Paul Corbett, our new representative for United Kingdom, to the Weyermann® Worldwide Family (WWF)! British Brewers are excited to brew with Weyermann® Specialty Malts! more

European Beer Star - Weyermann® welcomes the winners at the Weyermann® booth at BRAU BEVIALE 2008    22.11.2008

The successful and happy winners of the European Beer Star 2008 who came from all over the World - Namibia to Memmelsdorf, Parma to Denmark - thank the Weyermann® Management for the great quality they more

BRAU BEVIALE 2008    21.11.2008

Weyermann® is representing for the first time in 130 years with its own stand at the Brau Beviale 2008! Thank you to all the great and supportive Weyermann® Representatives! We were overwhelmed by more

9. Bamberger Biergespräche    20.11.2008

Bamberger Biergespräche at Kaspar Schulz and get together at Weyermanns`!! Weyermann® welcomes brewers from Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia as well as Germany! As always - the latest creat more

Weyermann® Malts in Singapore    19.11.2008

All three Brew Pubs in Singapore succesfully use Weyermann® Malts! more

Malt for Denmark    27.10.2008

Jim Nielsen, homebrewer Denmark: Hello, I have a small collection of model trains for my Märklin H0 (1:87) railway. I like beer and that has bought me into model trains. I´m also home brewer and l more

Results from BrewNZ 2008_Winning beers brewed with Weyermann®!    24.10.2008

News from New Zealand, David Cryer, Wholesaler Weyermann®: There are many winners using Weyermann® products! I will highlight the category “Wheat & Other Grain Beers” - the Gold Medal Winners using more

27th Great American Beer Festival Names Top Beers and Brewers    14.10.2008

Record Number of Entries Heightens Competition Denver, Colo.- October 11, 2008 More than 127 judges labored for three days to evaluate 2,902 beers and pick the best entries and top breweries for more

The Weyermann® malt Princess on tour in the States    01.10.2008

Mostly working with C & B but also enjoying many interesting breweries - beer was only allowed on international waters - Fanny just turns 18 in December. more

European Beer Festival 2008 in Copenhagen!    22.09.2008

Thank you to all the helping hands, who made this event so succesful and unique! 2000 different types of beers - most of them from Denmark - but also from Greenland, Iceland and Faroer Islands, fro more

Ölsafari to Danmark - Weyermann Family coming to Copenhagen to join the European Beer Festival 2008    11.09.2008

Hello all, We are ready to leave the red and yellow world of Weyermann® Specialty Malts to see all of you in Copenhagen this weekend due to the European Beer Festival 2008! Looking forward t more

40 years Crosby and Baker!    10.09.2008

Great Stuff and Great Staff! Crosby & Baker, our American wholesaler is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! - And we are happy to celebrate this great event with them! Weyermann® Malt is stored i more

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