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Teach A Friend to Homebrew - Toronto, Canada 2009    20.11.2009

Helen Knowles from Gilbertson & Page (Canada) Inc. donated all of the malt and 95% of it was all Weyermann®. more

Weyermann® Sponsorship for Copa Cerveza Guadalajara - Muchas Gracias!!!    06.11.2009

Jose R Ruiz, Weyermann® Wholesaler Mexico: Dear Sabine and Weyermann® Team, I would like to thank you for your sponsorship in the Copa Cerveza Guadalajara 2009, everything went very well with th more

Weyermanns at Pilsen and Prague, Czech Republic    02.11.2009

Weyermanns on the tracks of Schwejk and Josef Groll (1813 - 1878), a former German Brewmaster, who invented the worldfamous beer type: Pilsner Beer! We enjoyed touring the Czech Pub Breweries - but more

Kaiserdom Specialty Brewery at Weyermann® Malt    30.10.2009

More than 60 years of excellent business relations connect the two tradition-bounded Bambergian companies. Sabine Weyermann gave an impressive lecture on the fascinating development of the red and y more

Malt of ages_The Weyermann Family - 5 Generations of Malting Innovation & Excellence    30.10.2009

Read more about the Bill White story in Taps, Canada´s Beer Magazine - Article Weyermann®, written du more

First Utah Brewers Oktoberfest - held at Chris Haas - Desert Edge Brewing house    20.10.2009

Chris and I prepared Schweinehaxe, Sausages, Sauerkraut, Blukraut, potato salad and many other dishes. The party centered around the tapping of the barrel you gave us. It was a big hit, everyone loved more

Weizen up at La Quinta, California - Weyermann® at MBAA!    15.10.2009

Sabine and Thomas Weyermann enjoyed meeting up with good American friends at this year`s MBAA at La Quinta, California www.mbaa.com! It was an over more

"Oak" - toberfest in California - Weyermann® Malt at the US West Coast    14.10.2009

Sabine and Thomas Weyermann enjoyed visiting Californian customers, such as their good friend Matt Bryndolson - www.firestonebeer.com - and w more

Weyermann® - partner of „Danish Microbrew – Product Innovation and Quality“ project    13.10.2009

Weyermann® is the malt competence partner of the „Danish Microbrew – Product Innovation and Quality“ project – initiated by a cooperation of Danish Craft Brewers, suppliers and brewing scientists. more

Red Weyermann® jumpsuits waiting for GABF winners!
- Weyermann® at the MBAA in Palm Springs

Hello everybody, Congratulations to all of you who participated successfully at the GABF and won a medal! Just a short note to let you know that the red Weyermann® jumpsuites for the GABF meda more

drinktec 2009 - a great success for the Weyermann® Malt Experts!    25.09.2009

Come as a stranger - leave as a friend! This year`s drinktec 2009 has been an outstanding success and great motivation for the Weyermann® Malt team! During the 6 day - trade show we welcomed c more

Weyermann® Malt - team bonding at the Bavarian Forest    24.09.2009

Weyermann® - more than just malt! 3 days prior the international trade show "drinktec 2009", the international Weyermann® distributors from Azerbaidschan, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Russia, more

Weyermann® Malt welcomes new Namibian customer - Camelthorn Brewery - Windhuk    23.09.2009

Good friends become great business partners! Ulla and Jörg Finkeldey, Namibia, now live their lifelong dream: A "Weissbier"- Brewery of their own, working with Weyermann® Malts! We send our gre more

Team bonding at the Weyermann® yard    05.08.2009

Almost all Weyermann® staff-members joined a harmonic afternoon together with their families and colleagues at the Weyermann® yard. Everybody enjoyed the Malt ice-cream, Spare Rips, Baked Potatoes, more

Guest Brewer from Scotland at Weyermann® Malts    05.08.2009

International Brewing: Andrés Furukawa, Mexican with Japanese Grandfather, was happy to brew a Scotish Ale with our Weyermann® Brewmaster, Oliver Honsel. At the moment Andrés is working on his Docto more

130 years Weyermann® Malts, 1879 - 2009    31.07.2009

On July 25th 2009, Weyermann® Malts invited more than 500 customers, wholesalers, forwarding companies and friends to its 130th Anniversary. The party occured at the historical sight of the Weyerma more

Happy faces at the Cryermalt Royal Perth Beershow in Australia!    23.07.2009

Mal Secourable (Head Brewer) of Colonial Brewing Co. Pty. Ltd www.colonialbrewingco.com.au, winner of the Best Beer at the Cryermalt R more

Medellin Colombia - Inducerv - Cerveza San Tomas    21.07.2009

A dream and a vision became true for Juan C. Salazar, Inducerv., Colombia! www.inducerv.com.co Kaspar Schulz and Mich. Weyermann® work more

Brasil Brau 2009     09.07.2009

Brasil Brau 2009 had been an outstanding success for the team of Agraria, the Weyermann® representatives in Brasil. We`re very proud and happy to work together with such a competent and motivated par more

Announcement - Oldtimer Meeting 2009     07.07.2009

The annual Weyermann® Oldtimer Meeting will take place on July 07th 2009, starting at 5 pm. We expect more than 300 Oldtimers of various epochs. more

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