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6th Weyermann® Workshop for Italian Pub Brewers    05.05.2010

From Salerno to Torino, from Milan to Livigno, from Venezia to South Tyrol! 13 Italian Pub Brewers participated a 2-day workshop in April together with Oliver Honsel, Weihenstephan Brewmaster, Stef more

Gent - Trends in Brewing 2010    20.04.2010

Weyermann® joined "Trends in Brewing" in Gent and enjoyed tasting several of the 750 creative belgian beers. Sabine & Thomas Weyermann thank all of our belgian customers for their trust in our high more

Craft Brewers Conference 2010 - Weyermann® Malt in Chicago    19.04.2010

Sabine & Thomas Weyermann joined this year`s CBC (Craft Brewers Conference, 7th - 10th April) in Chicago and met up with many confident Weyermann® customers and international Weyermann® distributors: more

World Beer Cup® , Chicago 2010    18.04.2010

Numerous Weyermann® customers won big at this year`s World Beer Cup® in Chicago! Weyermann® Malts sends its best regards to the successful winners! 3330 beers of 642 breweries from 44 countries we more

A Beer with Weyermann® Malt that Makes “Angels Sing”    17.04.2010

Carlsberg Releases the World’s Most Expensive Beer In February 2010, the Husbryggeriet Jacobsen of Copenhagen, Denmark — a specialty subsidiary of brew giant Carlsberg, the fourth-largest brewer in more

International Food Service Trade Fair, Warsaw, Poland    17.04.2010

For the first time, Weyermann® Specialty Malts participated the International Food Service Trade Fair (24th - 26th March 2010). Together with the Sales Representative of Kaspar Schulz (Brewhouse manu more

Beer Academy Chodovar, Czech Republic    14.04.2010

Dagmar Hrnechkova, Weyermann® Sales Representative for Czech Republic, received the "Bachelor of Beer Academy" by the Chodovar Beer Academy. Weyermann® proudly congratulates to this outstanding achie more

IBD Asia Pacific Convention 2010 in Australia    12.04.2010

Dr. Jens Voigt from Weihenstephan www.brewing-expert.com together with David Cryer, Weyermann® Wholesaler for Australia & New Zealand, on Qu more

Canadian Amateur Brewers Association (CABA) in Montreal, Canada    08.04.2010

The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association´s annual event March in Montreal was held this year at the historic Tavern du Cheval Blanc Brew Pub which recently celebrated it´s 20th anniversary. New br more

Presentation Beer Almanac at the CBC in Chicago - Preconference Tour in Michigan & Wisconsin    26.03.2010

Dear Member of the Worldwide Weyermann® Brew Family! It is with great pride that we at Weyermann® would like to present to you our latest contribution to the world of better beer-making:

Weyermann® Specialty Malts in Brazil    18.03.2010

Frank Gauger, Weyermann® Key Accounter, visited our Brazilian Wholesaler Cooperativa Agraria Mista and numerous Brazilian Breweries. The Brazilian Market increases more and more - 120 million hl! - w more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts donation for Haiti    11.03.2010

Weyermann® Malts expressed its sympathy and support with a donation devoted to the Haitian citizens. more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts presents Beer Almanac    11.03.2010

The US-American Beerjournalist Horst Dornbusch finished his new book right on time, before this year`s Craft Brewers Conference (CBC, April 7th - 10th) in Chicago, Illinois. In cooperation with Sabin more

World`s most expensive beer - Vintage 3    10.03.2010

The most expensive beer of the World is brewed with Weyermann® Specialty Malts! Carlsberg`s Jacobsen Brewhouse, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, sells its exquisite "Vintage 3" beer for 275,00 EUR p more

Weyermann® apprentices visiting Weyermann® plant in Haßfurt    08.03.2010

All Weyermann® trainees and apprentices visited the Weyermann® plant, located in Haßfurt, during an inhouse - training, to meet with the staff and to learn more about the production processes. more

Future Doemens Brewmasters brew with Weyermann® Specialty Malts    07.03.2010

Each year, Weyermann® Specialty Malts donates an extra delivery of various types of malts ( this year 15 malttypes out of a product range of more than 80 types!) for the graduation brews of the Brewma more

Sixpoint Craft Ales Brewery visting Weyermann® Specialty Malts    04.03.2010

Come as a stranger - leave as a friend! Weyermann® Specialty Malts was delighted to welcome the owners of Sixpoint Craft Ales Brewery, Brooklyn, New York to the red and yellow Weyermann® World this more

New Weyermann® representative in Uruguay    03.03.2010

We are happy to welcome the new Weyermann® representative, Cervecería del Sur, Montevideo, Uruguay to the international Weyermann® Worldwide Family! Contact details: Cervecería del Sur Uruguay more

Pianeta Birra Rimini 2010!    02.03.2010

"Come as a stranger - leave as a friend" Sabine and Thomas Weyermann were happy to meet with content Italian Weyermann® customers at this years Pianeta Birra, Rimini. It`s a great pleasure for us to more

New brewery in South Africa!    24.02.2010

"Brauhaus am Damm", located next to the Olifantsnek Dam, South Africa, will celebrate its opening in August 2010! The beer is - of course - brewed with best Weyermann® Malts and by the German "Reinh more

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