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Weyermann® Malt visits Principality of Liechtenstein    19.08.2010

Even in the Principality of Liechtenstein Weyermann® Malts are highly welcome and used for creative brews! Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® leadership and 4th Generation, vi more

Magical Summer Festival for Kids    17.08.2010

The Bamberg Service Clubs once more organised the popular "Zauberhaftes Sommerfest” (magical summer festival). It is known as one of the biggest charity events of the Upper Franconian region. Pa more

Beer made of Fuji water and Weyermann® Malts    17.08.2010

For 12 years, Stephan Rager has been brewing Bavarian style beer at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan, - of course with Weyermann® Malts. With his own brewery and the attached restaurant the loyal Wey more

Roasted Malt Beer Brewery Heinz Weyermann® in Potsdam    16.08.2010

The Weyermann® staff eagerly listened to a presentation of Christian Kestel, Weyermann® Historian, who had already worked out the chronicle of Weyermann® Malt together with Sabine Weyermann. During more

Haselböck in Austria celebrates its 50th Anniversary    15.08.2010

In July, the restaurant Haselböck in Münichreith am Ostrong (Austria) celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Manfred Unkel, Weyermann® Customer Service Representative Germany (Bavaria) congratulated the more

Weyermann® celebrates with new brewmasters    12.08.2010

Manfred Unkel, Weyermann® Sales Representative Bavaria, was delighted to congratulate Doemens Academy of brewing & beverage technologies` class of 2010 to its finals and master`s certificates. Weye more

Best Smoked Beer in the World!    07.08.2010

Cervejaria Bamberg, Sao Paulo - a loyal longterm Weyermann® customer - made first place at the World Beer Awards in England: "Best Smoked Beer in the World" - brewed with Weyermann® quality malt more

Feral Brewing wins at Perth Royal Beer Show    30.07.2010

Feral Brewing of Swan Valley close by Perth, 100% Weyermann® customer, made first place in 3 categories at the Perth Royal Beer Show! Categories won: "best Australian beer" "WA Beer" and "Ale" F more

Charlie Papazian recommends Weyermann® Bohemian Floor Malt     28.07.2010

Charlie Papazian, the founder of the Association of Brewers, The Great American Beer Festival, and writer of "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing", recommends Weyermann® Bohemian Floormalt at his intern more

Winning with Weyermann®!    26.07.2010

The Weyermann® running team scored big at this year`s Haßfurth city run! Here the Weyermann® participants and their outstanding results: Roland Schuler, Manager Maintainance Department Haßfurth, more

USA: Chuckanut Brewery brews in Weyermann® red!    14.07.2010

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, Bellingham, Washington, successfully brews unique and creative beers with Weyermann® Specialty Malts! On occassion of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) last year, more

Happy Birthday, Ulli!    13.07.2010

Dear Ulli, happy birthday for your 50th birthday! Thank you for your support and creativity in turning Weyermann® into the company of good standing and heart. Best wishes from Sabine more

Poland Homebrew and professional brewers competition in Zywiec    12.07.2010

Dorota Chrapek made first place for the best beer - a Belgian Pale Ale - at this year`s "Poland Homebrew and professional brewers competition" in Zywiec (18th - 20th June)! The winning beer was -of c more

New semiautomatic canister bottling plant for Weyermann® Roast Malt Beer Brewery    12.07.2010

A new semiautomatic canister and oversize container bottling plant (by Greif - Velox Company, Lübeck), made of high-grade steel with most modern controll engineering and weighing techniques, was insta more

Weyermann® brewmaster in Czech Republic    09.07.2010

Oliver Honsel, Weyermann® and Weihenstephan brewmaster discovered together with Jens Pfannenschmidt (Weihenstephan brewmaster, Erdinger Weißbräu) and their significant others the Pilsner Urquell Brewe more

Weyermann® Oldtimer Meeting 2010 - 10th Anniversary!    08.07.2010

10th Anniversary of the traditional Weyermann® Oldtimer Meeting in Bamberg! More than 350 Oldtimers, -the oldest of 1928!- and a vast number of visitors joined the great and well-organised event on more

Vintage brewing in Prague!    07.07.2010

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann (Weyermann® leadership), Horst Dornbusch (US - American beer journalist) and brewmaster Ivan Chromosil of Pivovar a Restaurace "U Flekù" more

Weyermann® donates safari trip to the best brewer apprentice    05.07.2010

Om invitation of Namibia Breweries`brewmaster, who is a loyal longterm Weyermann® customer with numeruous gold - medal wins, Frank Gauger (Weyermann® Key Accounter) joined this year`s Windhoek Carniva more

Weyermann® provides Day Care Center    02.07.2010

The Weyermann® management now provides a professionel Day Care Center on the Weyermann® campus for its staff members` kids. more

Ready to go    02.07.2010

Franziska Weyermann (5th Weyermann® generation) is happy to celebrate her Abitur - graduation! She will start her studies in Weihenstephan this year, after her 14-day traineeship at the famous Bamber more

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