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25th Company Jubilee of Sabine Weyermann!    09.10.2010

On 1st October 2010, Sabine Weyermann, leadership and 4th generation of Weyermann® Specialty Malts, celebrated her 25th Company Jubilee! During her administration for the past 25 years, a small Upp more

Cervejaria Bamberg - meeting with Bamberg`s Mayor     04.10.2010

On Thursday, 30th September 2010, Bamberg`s Mayor Andreas Starke welcomed the owner of Cervejaria Bamberg, Brazil. Cervejaria Bamberg brews an outstanding Smoked Beer and represents Bamberg in Sao more

Weyermann® in Taiwan - Special people brew special beers with specialty malts    29.09.2010

Frank Gauger, Weyermann® Key Account Manager: One of our favorite places when traveling in SE Asia: Taiwan. Frank went to see our trusted representative, Jeffrey Chen, to pay a visit to our loyal cus more

Red Weyermann® jumpsuits waiting for GABF 2010 winners!    24.09.2010

Hello everybody, Congratulations to all of you who participated successfully at the GABF and won a medal! Just a short note to let you know that the red Weyermann® jumpsuits for the GABF medal w more

Weyermann® in China    23.09.2010

Vom 4. bis 11. September 2010 vertrat unser Leiter QS/QM Andreas Richter die rot-gelben Flaggen auf der
„China Brew & Beverage 2010“ in Beijing. Auf dem Messestand des Weyermann® Vertriebspartn more

Haus- und Hobbybrauertage vom 26.08.-29.08.10 in Schwalenberg    20.09.2010

Die diesjährigen Haus- und Hobbybrauertage in dem wunderschönen westfälischen Städtchen Schwalenberg waren wie immer ein schönes Erlebnis für alle anwesenden kreativen Hobbybrauer, sowie für das gesam more

Weyermann® Jumpsuits popular at Dry Dock Brewing, Co.    07.09.2010

The crew of Dry Dock Brewing, Co. in Colorado – 100% Weyermann® Client – is now proudly wearing the highly coveted and popular red Weyermann® jumpsuits. Weyermann® Malt sent them to the US as a presen more

New high performance pumps for Federal Agency of Technical Relief, Bamberg    06.09.2010

Thanks to Weyermann® Malt, Sparkasse Bamberg, Public Utility Company Bamberg and Ferngas (grid gas) Nordbayern, the Federal Agency of Technical Relief (THW) Bamberg was able to buy two new multi-funct more

The railway, beer and Weyermann® Malts    06.09.2010

Weyermann® Malt is represented with an ad, in a photo book published on occasion of the “175th anniversary of railways in Germany”, since beer was the first freight of German trains and the company ca more

NZ Beervana - Weyermann® is among the winning beers!    05.09.2010

Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann are happy to support the Organisor of the Beervana, David Cryer, who is at the same time chairman of the New Zealand Brewers` Association and Weyermann® Who more

New Weyermann® Wholesaler in Nepal    30.08.2010

The Worldwide Weyermann® Wholesaler Network is now extended by a new partner in Nepal. Thomas Schlau, director of Sthapit & Schlau Pvt. Ltd. in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital and largest city, is now av more

Weyermann® Malt at the International Brewing Conference in China    30.08.2010

Andreas Richter, Weyermann® Quality Manager and Beer Sommelier, will represent Weyermann® Specialty Malts at the "International Brewing Conference 2010" in Beijing, China. He will give a presentat more

New Zealand - Winter Beer brewed with Weyermann® Malts!    29.08.2010

During their visit in Down Under, the Weyermann® Family participated the winterly New Zealand beer event of the year: the BrewNZ tradeshow. The seasonal popular winter beer "Monteith`s Doppelbock" more


The Distillery “The Duke” in Munich, owned by Maximilian Schauerte and Daniel Schönecker, produces an outstanding delicious gin called “The Duke – Munich Dry Gin”, which is now also officially an orga more

Weyermann® visits “Sandkerwa” in Bamberg    28.08.2010

The employees of Weyermann® Malt were invited by their leadership to spend an amusing evening at the "Sandkerwa" in Bamberg, one of Bavaria’s big beer festivals. Special Guest that evening was Judy N more

Weyermann® at Argentinean fair    28.08.2010

At the 3rd meeting of brewers in Argentina Weyermann® Malt attended with its characteristic red and yellow booth. Weyermann® Wholesaler Gabriel Airoli of "Cordillera Brewing Company de Argentina" pres more

Brewing with Kaiser Bräu Neuhaus    26.08.2010

Once a year, the German brewery "Kaiser Bräu" from Neuhaus launches historic or sometimes fancy beers, as well. Weyermann® Malt – as their malt supplier – put its brewery at their disposal for the f more

Exposition “Mythos Burg” in Nuremberg    23.08.2010

On 8th July, a delegation of Weyermann® Malt went to see the exposition “Mythos Burg” (legend of castles) that takes place in the museum “Germanisches Nationalmuseum” in Nuremberg. Christian Kestel, more

Malt Master Class with Thomas Kraus-Weyermann    23.08.2010

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, president of Weyermann® Malts, 4th generation, will give a presentation at the Beervana Beer Week in Wellington, New Zealand! On invitation of the Brewer more

New micro brewery in South Africa uses Weyermann® Malt    22.08.2010

On 1st July 2010, a new micro brewery, “The Cockpit Brewhouse”, opened its doors in Cullinan (north-west of Pretoria). Nicole Feuring, Weyermann® Customer Relations (Africa) reported: “What starte more

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