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Congratulations to Poland!    12.01.2011

Great news from our Polish Wholesaler Marian Lukaszczyk: his 3rd Grandchild, Laura, was born on December 29th 2010! Weyermann® sends its best wishes to the proud and happy Lukaszczyk family! more

Weyermann® Ambassadors in South Korea    11.01.2011

Weyermann® Maltbags, the ambassadors of the red & yellow Weyermann® World - discovered at the "German Haus" in Uijeoungbou,South Korea, by Sandra Williams, who emigrated from Bamberg to South Korea! more

New Weyermann® Baby!    11.01.2011

We are happy to welcome Lina Bayer (daughter of Andreas Bayer, Weyermann® staff member) to the red and yellow Weyermann® World! Lina was born on December 26th 2010, right on time for the Christmas ho more

Newborn baby for Weyermann® Wholesaler in Uruguay     11.01.2011

Congratulations to our Uruguayan Wholesaler Mariana Lopez to her newborn baby-boy Nico! Weyermann® Malts sends its best regards and wishes to the Lopez Family! Contact details Wholesaler more

Thomas Kraus -Weyermann 20th company jubilee!    01.01.2011

Congratulations to our competent, outstanding boss Thomas Kraus-Weyermann to his 20th company jubilee! Thanks to his visions, Weyermann® Malts turned from a local malthouse into the World Market Lead more

Merry Christmas to all the world wide Weyermann® family members!    23.12.2010

Thanks for all your support over the last 12 months to make Weyermann® to the malt manufacture of the world. more

Weyermann® Christmas Party    22.12.2010

The traditional and thoughtful Weyermann® Christmas Party brought the entire Weyermann® staff together at the beautifully decorated Weyermann® canteen. more

Weyermann® travel bag on the roads    22.12.2010

Ivan Al Semikin, executive board member of CAW (Club Ausländischer Weihenstephaner - Club of foreign Weihenstephan members) brought along the red & yellow Weyermann® travel bag to his "snorkel" - vaca more

Weyermann® Archives    20.12.2010

Christian Kestel, Weyermann® company historian, introduced numerous, impressive unique items of the 130 y/o Weyermann® Archive to the participants of this year`s last Weyermann® Academy event. More more

Weyermann® supports project "Brücken der Freundschaft"    19.12.2010

Weyermann® proudly supports for the upcoming 5 years Arsen Zaloew`s project "Brücken der Freundschaft" (bridges to friendship), who worked for a long time as a principal in Kazakhstan. Goal of this more

Christmas-Benefit-Whisky-Tasting with Weyermann®    19.12.2010

The 4th Christmas-Benefit-Whisky-Tasting of Armond Dishers WhiskyNews brought a profit of 1.560 euros,which will be donated to the Ansbacher Tafel "Hilfe in Not e.V., where it will be used to get Chri more

Hofmann manufacturer turns 50!    13.12.2010

Congratulations to Hofmann Menü-Manufacturer for its 50th company jubilee! Hofmann Menü delivers delicious, deep-frozen lunch dishes with an outstanding quality and taste! Each day, many Weyerma more

Christmas Beertasting - DBMB Northern Bavaria    12.12.2010

A "Beer-trip" through Northern Bavaria excited all DBMB-members Northern Bavaria on this year`s Christmas Party at the Specialised Publisher Hans Carl in Nuremberg. Of course - Weyermann® brought a more

New Backing Oven!    12.12.2010

A new electronic baking-oven, one of many investments of Weyermann® Malts, is in regular use for several weeks now. Weyermann® Malts invested into the new baking-oven to work more efficient within more

Red & yellow Christmas    11.12.2010

Dry Yeast manufacturer and Weyermann® business partner Fermentis® (France)decorated its Christmas tree with the original Weyermann® red, yellow & organge Christmas ornaments! Little yeast package com more

Congratulations!    04.12.2010

Bettina and Oliver - may your future lifes together be filled with light & love - our best and warmest wishes to you! Nothing redouplicates in life, but love! - remember: no one can receive eno more

Open communication at Weyermann® - Management seminar about employment law    04.12.2010

Topic: "Avoid missunderstandings and arguments in the first place!" The entire Weyermann® management personnel was thrilled about this seminar and is convinced by the Weyermann® philosophy, to always more

Advancement of women at Weyermann® Malts!    03.12.2010

Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® leadership & 4th generation, received lots of applause for her modell of advancement of women during the closing gala of the project "SIE - Bavaria`s Women", which was i more

Weyermann® at trainee exhibition    02.12.2010

In cooperation of Weyermann® Malts and the local Bamberg Heidelsteig School, Weyermann® Malt sent on December 1st 2010 several Weyermann® trainees of various departments to introduce "their" company a more

3rd Weyermann® Bockbieranstich!    28.11.2010

The Weyermann® Management celebrated together with 100 employees, family members and close friends the 3rd Weyermann® Bockbieranstich - a popular German tradition - at the historical sights of the Wey more

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