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500 EUR for Weyermann® godchildren    11.08.2011

As a company cooperating with the “Heidelsteig”school Weyermann® recently received a donation from the school for its two World Vision godchildren. Mid July they had their first fund raising run. Th more

Weyermann® donates 3000 EUR for the starving in East Africa    09.08.2011

Every week Bettina Malmgren, assistant in the laboratory, bakes fresh bread with different Weyermann® malts and sells them to the Weyermann® employees. All the profit of the last months as well as man more

Intern from Venezuela introduces his home country    09.08.2011

Alirio Caldera, a Weyermann® intern from Venezuela from the Cervecería Polar (Empresas Polar with 30.000 employees) recently introduced his home country to all the interested Weyermann® employees in B more

New opening hours of the Weyermann® Fan Shop    18.07.2011

Due to great responds to our Weyermann® shop we extended the opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00 Friday 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 Looking forward to w more

Weyermann® ambassadors all around the world    16.07.2011

Wherever you are in this world, may it be in Alaska, Hawaii or San Francisco, you may encounter our Weyermann® ambassadors, our white Weyermann® malt bags with the distinctive red Weyermann® logo. more

Sending congratulations to the „Tacoa“ brewpub    16.07.2011

We are sending our best regards to the “Tacoa” brewpub in El Sauzal on the island of Tenerife in Spain, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In June the microbrewery with its restaurant hosted a more

Krebs Brewing Co. achieved medals    16.07.2011

Our congratulations are going to the choc beer Co./Krebs Brewing Co. in Krebs in Oklahamo, US. This Weyermann® customer recently received a gold medal at the North American Beer Awards with its “bi more

A new piece of art at the brewpub “Müritz”    16.07.2011

We are sending best regards to the “Brauhaus Müritz” in Waren, which ceremonially unveiled its new hotel façade this month. Weyermann® customer care representative Manfred Unkel paid senior manager more

40 years with Weyermann®    16.07.2011

Congratulations to Rudolf Buhlheller, locksmith at Weyermann® malt, who is celebrating its 40th anniversary at Weyermann® this month. Acknowledged got his loyal work already with a get together with t more

New master brewer at Weyermann®    15.07.2011

Dominik Maldoner is going to be the new master brewer of the Weyermann® brewery from the 1st of September 2011 onwards. Dominik is 23 years old. He became a brewer and maltser doing his apprenticesh more

Weyermann® Malt at the Perth Royal Beer Show    15.07.2011

As in years before Weyermann® was a sponsor at the Perth Royal Beer Show, happening from the 13th of the 18th of June. We were represented through Cryermalt (David Cryer and Tom Madams) our wholesaler more

A Weyermann® customer got recommend in the magazine “Landlust”    15.07.2011

We are proudly announcing that our loyal customer Jerome Rebetez with his brewery Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) in Saingelegier in Switzerland was recommend in the July/August issue of the ma more

Weyermann® received certifications    15.07.2011

Weyermann® passed the surveillance audit at the beginning of July without any deviations for the QM code ISO 9001-2008 for Bamberg and Haßfurt and the GMP-B2 for Leesau and the Q+S for Haßfurt. Than more

Weyermann® sends congratulations to the winners of the AIBA    14.07.2011

The Australian International Beer Awards started in 1993 and grew to remarkable size over the last years and become one of the most important beer events for Australia and the neighboring countries, l more

Worldclass-Brew with Weyermann® Malt    14.07.2011

With critical eyes Björn Bleier, head of the pilot brewery of the Doemens Academy, observed Sebastian Priller-Riegle, the actual Beer-Sommelier-World-Champion and owner of the brewery Riegele in Augsb more

Weyermann® bicycle trip tracing the beer of Bamberg    14.07.2011

Despite a storm warning 12 Weyermann® employees went on a bike ride end of June, tracing the beers of Bamberg along 12 km path. At the end of the tour the employees including their family members got more

Weyermann® customer is successful at the 9th Beer Days in Solothurn/Switzerland    13.07.2011

We are proud of all the Swiss brewers, brewing with Weyermann® malt, who were just very successful at the 9th Beer Days of Solothurn. Foremost the brewery Baar, who informed us about the great posit more

Exams passed    13.07.2011

The whole team of Weyermann® says congratulations to Christian Frank (in the middle of the picture), who just passed the practical exams and hence has just successfully ended his apprenticeship to bec more

Weyermann® shares its passion for vintage cars    07.07.2011

At 5 pm on Tuesday should have been the start to the 11th vintage car get together at our historical grounds as well as along the Brennerstraße. But at this time of the day, most of the vintage cars h more

Don´t miss it – big classic-car get-together on the 5th of July 2011    05.07.2011

On the 5th of July from 17:00 pm onwards the impressive annual classic-car get-together will happen. Come to our historical company grounds and have the chance to see more than 300 historical cars fro more

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