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Also in October our team is growing    10.10.2011

We are welcoming: Holger May – started on the 19th of September 2011 He is 23 years old and grew up in Warmersdorf. He will assist our export team. Steffi Reh – started on the 1st of October more

Solidarity and familiarity: 20th anniversary of Jürgen Buhrmann    01.10.2011

On the 1st of October 2011 Jürgen Buhrmann celebrated his 20th anniversary at Weyermann® as operations manager. Solidarity with the company and a close familiar relationship with the management Almo more

Anniversaries in October 2011    01.10.2011

Not only Jürgen Buhrmann is celebrating an anniversary at Weyermann® - we are sending our warmest wishes to all of our team who are celebrating their anniversary at the beginning of October. We are gr more

NEW at the 2011 GABF: Introduction of The Oxford Companion to Beer    29.09.2011

Global Beer Knowledge Now Available in a Single, Comprehensive Reference Guide The just released The Oxford Companion to Beer, published by the renowned Oxford University Press, will be introduced more

“Bravissimo” – Doppio Malto in Italy    29.09.2011

At the International Beer challenge 2011 in London the long-time customer of Weyermann® Doppio Malto achieved five medals! The brewer from Erba in Italy is proud of a gold medal for its BRASS WEISS more

Medals and award for the Brazilian Brewery “Bamberg”    26.09.2011

At the Copa Cervezas de América in Chile the Brazilian Brewery named “Bamberg”, a loyal Weyermann® customer, received some awards. They won the gold medal for their “Bamberg Weizen”, a wheat beer, and more

Medals for Weyermann® sales partner in Uruguay    22.09.2011

At the beginning of the September the Latin America´s First International Copa Cervezas de América took place. An international jury of 13 people tasted 280 beers from 64 participants out of 21 countr more

Weyermann® in Cambodia    22.09.2011

Frank Gauger, Weyermann® Key Accounter has been back to Cambodia, falling in love again with a beautiful country and its ambitious people striving to become a leading force in South East Asia. One of more

Weyermann® new team members    16.09.2011

Please welcome with us: Herbert Aust He lives in Frensdorf, is 54 years old and married. He is an approved painter and will now be the head of our paint shop and will make sure, that the whole Wey more

Gold for “Meierei” brewpub in Postdam    16.09.2011

The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German agriculture cooperation) awarded the brewpub „Meierei“ In Potsdam with its forth gold medal. This year they received the reward for their top-fe more

Weyermann® ambassadors in China    16.09.2011

Today we received a picture taken at the impressive Kerry hotel in Shanghai/Pudong during an event of the German-Chinese chamber of commerce. The picture shows our typical Weyermann® ambassadors – our more

Weyermann® electrical division out for dinner    16.09.2011

The Weyermann® electrical division supervised by Klaus Bayer took the generous and always available offer of the Weyermann® management to go out for dinner. The team met at the Greifenklau brewery, a more

Weyermann® Malt Now Represented by Brewers Supply Group in the United States     16.09.2011

For almost two decades, Crosby & Baker, Ltd. (C&B) of Westport MA, a supplier of ingredients and equipment to breweries and homebrew supply shops as well as wine-makers, has been the United States imp more

New Brewmaster at Weyermann® Malt    14.09.2011

Starting September 1, 2011 Dominik Maldoner (23) will be at the helm of the renowned Weyermann® Pilot Brewery in Bamberg, Germany, where Weyermann® tests its malts, develops new beer recipes, and host more

Weyermann® Whiskey Ale – BRAU 2011    09.09.2011

Dominik Maldoner and Leo Habermann, brewmasters of the Weyermann® brewery, are proudly presenting something very special. At this years´ BRAU exhibition in Nürnberg Weyermann® will spoil their visitor more

Breakfast for apprentices    09.09.2011

Weyermann® currently trains 14 apprentices and has 20 qualified trainers. For the start of the new year of the apprenticeships Weyermann invited all newcomers to a special day at Weyermann® together w more

Entering a new market – with Weyermann®    09.09.2011

We received greetings from the Ilkley Brewery in West Yorkshire in Great Britain. Luke Raven, here in the picture, carries one of our famous Weyermann® ambassadors. He is one of the founders of the Sa more

The brewpub Ernst August is turning 25 years    09.09.2011

Weyermann® is sending Birthday wishes to Hannover. The Brewery Ernst August is successfully operating since 1986. Since 2008 the brewpub, owned by the family Aulich, is a Weyermann® customer. Weyerman more

Weyermann® involved in the China-Japan-USA connection    05.09.2011

You could say he is the special connection between the world of beer in China, Japan and the US. His name is Alan Kornhauser. Nowadays Mr Kornhauser is responsible for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Asia and more

Andrea Kundler - her live in the former GDR    05.09.2011

As part of the Weyermann® academy Weyermann® employees with foreign background are presenting their home countries. This time it was Andrea Kundlers term, responsible for the marketing at Weyermann®. more

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