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Without the magazine “Brauwelt” there would be something missing    10.11.2011

150 years of “Brauwelt” – that´s more than one reason to celebrate. Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, management Weyermann® and 4th generation, were invited by Michael Schmitt, management more

Weyermann® Malt in Syria    10.11.2011

Today the first Weyermann® Container ever is leaving for Syria, for the Kiwanian Brewery. 19 tons of best Weyermann® malt. We are very proud, to also call this Arabic state to our Weyermann® customer more

Weyermann® at the Brau Beviale     10.11.2011

Brau Breviale in Nürnberg and no questions Weyermann® is part of it with an enthusiastic team. Located in the hall No. 1, stand 403 and 405 we are welcoming you. Stop by as many exhibition visitors al more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts and Fermentis yeast supporting the Mexican craft brewing industry    10.11.2011

On September 1st to the 3rd 2011, the second edition of the event called “Cerveza México” was held in the World Trade Center (WTC) of Mexico City. This event has become the most important beer event i more

International brewers exchange    06.11.2011

From this week onwards Adam Brown, assistant brewer at Buckle´s Beer Brewery Australia, will be doing an internship at you Weyermann® Brewery. The 36 year old Australian will work together with our br more

Weyermann® maltster celebrating Golden Wedding    03.11.2011

We are congratulating Weyermann® senior Heinrich Merkel and his wife Gunda to their special wedding anniversary. Further information published in the newspaper “Frankischer Tag Bamberg” on the 25th more

Mondiale de la Bière with Weyermann®    03.11.2011

From the 21st to the 24th of October 2011 Weyermann® had a booth at the Mondiale de la Bière in Strasbourg. Sales representative Susanne Stettler from the Bière Boutique in Uzelle presented Weyermann® more

Weyermann® saying Thank You to workers in Leesau    02.11.2011

After finalizing their work in Leesau, Weyermann® invited the workers from England and Lithuania for a farewell dinner at the restaurant Erlmann in Schirradorf. The works much appreciated this kin more

Customer Service Representative Manfred Unkel retires    01.11.2011

Since 2003 Manfred Unkel was responsible for the customer service for Bavaria. After eight years of great commitment he retires now due so health reasons. He was always a great loyal Weyermann® ambass more

Gold for the Brauhaus am Kreuzberg    21.10.2011

„That´s a dream coming true“, smiles Norbert Winkelmann, Weyermann® customer on the day he receives the golden award called “Bundesehrenpreis der DLG”, a important German award. “It was always my drea more

Weyermann® customers are winning big at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival    20.10.2011

At the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival many Weyermann® customers received medals. We are sending our congratulations to all of them. The Beer Trophy of the year 2011 went to the Brewery S:t Eriks, more

Weyermann® present at the Toronto Beer Week     19.10.2011

At this year’s Toronto Beer Week 2011 our long-term wholesale partner from Canada – Gilbertson & Page were representing Weyermann®. The event is growing each year and many of the participating brewers more

Vicar Capitular have their own copy shop    14.10.2011

The participants of this month’s Weyermann® academy program got to see a part of the Bamberg cathedral that is normally not open to the public. Till the end of the 1980s twelve members lived in a part more

Fire brigade at Weyermann® - just for training    14.10.2011

At Weyermann® in Haßfurt the local fire brigade trained for an emergency. The scene: A truck gets on fire at the grain receiving area with extreme smoke development. Shortly after the alarm the fire more

From a grain storage to the most modern and biggest specialty malt company – History of Weyermann®    14.10.2011

Another Weyermann® academy event took place in October. The companies’ historian Christian Kestel, who also wrote the chronic about the 130 years of Weyermann® Malt, took the interested Weyermann® mem more

Lucky ones at Weyermann®    14.10.2011

This is how winners look like. The Bamberg city magazine published an article about Weyermann®. Weyermann® on the other hand sponsored a tour of the company ground for ten interested readers. The outc more

Weyermann® gets orthography training    13.10.2011

Another Weyermann® academy event with great outcome. Weyermann® press officer and specialist in German studies Beate Ferstl taught her colleagues about the German orthography and the rules for comma u more

Weyermann® malt deliveries – highest standard    13.10.2011

Weyermann® produces more than 80 different malt types and handles and delivers incoming orders quick, safe, affordable and reliable to its customers. Service is very important at Weyermann® and that more

New Weyermann® “Heirloom” & “Terroir”Malts    10.10.2011

There was once a simpler time — before modern transportation, mechanized agriculture, and factory foods — when every dish and every beverage, including beer, that mankind put on the table at mealtime more

Chuckanut Brewery wins Small Brewing Company & Brewer of 2011    10.10.2011

The Weyermann® client Chuckanut Brewery has won big at the national Great American Beer Festival 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The brewery picked up 2 Gold Medals: one for their Chuckanut Helles Lager and more

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