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Photo shooting     10.04.2012

International but also local and familiar – that was the theme of the photo shooting by the new economic magazine of Bamberg. The team of the company medienreaktor® took pictures of Sabine Weyermann, more

HAPPY EASTER...    05.04.2012

... to all of our wonderful friends of the red-yellow Weyermann® world. more

Grilled fish, sunshine and happy faces – 1st Weyermann® Easter BBQ     04.04.2012

It couldn´t have been any better: With sunny weather, delicious fish and happy faces about 100 Weyermann® employees enjoyed a fish BBQ organized by the Weyermann® locksmith shop. Perfectly arranged by more

Signatures are important    30.03.2012

How important they are was the topic of the Weyermann® Academy presentation of the companies’ lawyer, Mr. Michael Wonka. When he asked the audience if they ever read through the piece of paper they ar more

And the Winner is … “The Oxford Companion to Beer”    30.03.2012

In late September of 2011, Oxford University Press published its long-awaited The Oxford Companion to Beer, a weighty, almost 1,000 pages long, alphabetically organized work on almost anything anyone more

Constructive and creative days of the Bavarian Brewers Union in Bamberg    21.03.2012

Creativity: As the American author Sid Parnes says, that´s “the new arrangement of variables that a human can change during its search for improvements”. That a “Bavarian Brewer” can be quite creati more

A path-breaking multilateral agreement     21.03.2012

The European Union and the United States of America have announced a path-breaking multilateral agreement covering the certification of products labeled “organic.” Effective June 1, 2012, any product more

50 000 liters above the river Main    19.03.2012

At the Weyermann® subsidiary in Hassfurt a 50 000 litre water tank was exchanged. First the whole roof of the building had to be removed and then a 60 ton crane started its work and lifted the old tan more

¡Seminario Microcerveceria Barcelona – OLÉ!    16.03.2012

It was the first seminar of its kind for the Spanish Microbrewers, held in Barcelona. And sure enough, Weyermann® management Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann were there to be part of it. Th more

Weyermann® academy times three – Rumania, Australia and Bamberg    14.03.2012

Constant education and training is very important at Weyermann®. That´s why there is the Weyermann® Academy not only providing inside but also external knowledge. Cornelia Giehl, food industry engine more

A fox visiting Weyermann®    12.03.2012

When Christian Kröger checked the security cameras on Saturday morning, he couldn´t believe his eyes. Was it really a fox wandering around the Weyermann® grounds? Sure it was. Getting in through the n more

The story of Jürgen Buhrmann and the “Huberplatte”    09.03.2012

In the city of Freising, worldwide well known for its University for brewing technologies and the oldest brewery another very old tradition is uphold. The oldest constantly happening students “Stamm more

Weyermann® - a company with tradition between local happenings and the world market    08.03.2012

Christian Kestel is the Weyermann® historian and he can answer any question about the company’s history. He didn´t miss the chance to give a detailed presentation to the members of the history and her more

Godly support and the Weyermann® Malt Display – Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke brews pilgrim brew    07.03.2012

The Hallerndorfer Brewhouse in Kreuzberg received godly support from the Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke from the diocese in Eichstätt when brewing this year’s pilgrim’s brew. “Being the abbot of the Planks more

South Africa – Craft Beer Festival in Clarens    06.03.2012

For the second time Clarens Brewery organized a special Craft Beer Festival in Clarens in the Freestate on the 25th of February 2012. 27 breweries from all over South Africa participated and more than more

Mother, Father and Malt – Brewers from the Ukraine are visiting Weyermann®    28.02.2012

They travelled a long way from the Ukraine to Bamberg. After three days with an informative fun filled program the eight sympathetic brewers from Odessa, Kiev, Donezk and Lvov (Lemberg) all agreed: “W more

Weyermann® employees perfectly insured    24.02.2012

“That´s great for all the employees!” says insurance expert Christine Völkl about the health insurance Weyermann® is paying from now on for all his employees. As the expert Erhard Sungl explained all more

Announcing Lisa Luginer as New Press Officer at Weyermann® Malt    21.02.2012

A press officer is the public face of an enterprise or institution. His or her job is to convey the employer’s image to the world with panache, pizzazz, agility, and enthusiasm, as well as with credib more

„Cervejaria Bamberg“ – brewery of the year    17.02.2012

What a great success – for two years in a row: Alexandre Bazzo from the brewery called “Cervejaria Bamberg”, a loyal Weyermann® customer from Brasil, received the award “brewery of the year”. After g more

Weyermann® made a donation for Danny Williams     24.01.2012

Danny Williams Needs Your Help! http://brookstonbeerbulletin.com/danny-williams-needs-your-help/ more

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