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Beer seminar in Bamberg    08.06.2012

Together with the local association „Kultürla“ Markus Raupach (Guide Media) and Hans Wächtler (HW Brewery Services) held a beer seminar. On the schedule: - Beer culture of Bamberg and Franconia - more

Members of Barleyment…    05.06.2012

What a pleasure having such creative friends: We are presenting the members of the so far only known Canadian homebrewers club – the “Members of Barleyment”. For further information: more

Carawheat® Cookies and passionate brewers – Brouwland Open House Days in Belgium    30.05.2012

Creativity is the winner, not always, but often. So why not having a bag of malt flour as a gift for the neighboring booth holder, a noodle production company? They made delicious Carawheat® cookies o more

Back check for all Weyermann® employees    29.05.2012

Weyermann® is caring about the health of their employees. Peter Felten and Paschal Mehrens (in the picture), two graduated sport´s scientists, together with Christine Völkl, insurance expert, spent a more

Beer, Bamberg, and the Brooklyn Bridge… and a Factory Hall Turned Brewery in Los Angeles    25.05.2012

In 1829, Johann August Röbling, a German student of civil engineering at the Prussian Royal Polytechnic Institute in Berlin sat on the banks of the Regnitz River in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany, notepad more

The Weyermann® fire brigade in Freising     23.05.2012

It wasn´t about the extinction of fire it was about the extinction of thirst (beer thirst) why the historical Weyermann® fire truck made its way to Freising. The truck is rebuild and now doesn´t take more

Seminario per gli Amici    18.05.2012

It´s not the first time, it´s the eighth time that brewers from Italy made their way to Bamberg to attend the annual Uberti-Weyermann® seminar, but never before there were so many participants than in more

Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup in San Diego    14.05.2012

16 years ago Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann were travelling to the Craft Brewers conference (CBC) in the USA for the first time. These days there were exact 1131 breweries in the and the more

Dark and White – newest Weyermann® ice-cream creation    11.05.2012

Bamberg, Germany – it´s 27 degrees Celsius outside, it´s hot and we need refreshment. Best solution a Weyermann® ice-cream called “dark and white” which is served at the ice-cream parlour in Schesslit more

The fun of brewing - Mc Stout home brewers club from Reichelsheim    09.05.2012

For the „Tag des deutschen Bieres“ (day of the German Beer) the regional museum of Reichelsheim/Odenwald organized three different events all related to beer together with the home brewers club Mc St more

Sweet healing – a Weyermann® academy speech on the medicine plant of the year 2012    08.05.2012

Weyermann´s® latest beer specialties are three different types of liquorice beer. So it couldn´t be any better than having an internal Weyermann® academy speech on liquorice held by Jennifer Pock-Baie more

Best of Jumpsuits    03.05.2012

Almost everybody wants one: We are talking about the Weyermann® jumpsuit. This time exclusively for the winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards of the Great American Beerfestival and the World Beer Cup more

Brewing like 100 years ago    30.04.2012

Brewing beer the way our ancestors did a 100 years ago. The Franconian open-air museum Fladungen invited guests, including Weyermann® Malt to witness this special happening. The clothing of the brewer more

No ball pen, no graduation    27.04.2012

In Germany one cannot imagine, that a child cannot graduate because it doesn´t have the pen to write the exams. In Togo, in Africa, is this reality. To give as many children as possible the chance of more

South Africa – Worthog Summer Beer Festival 2012    23.04.2012

On Saturday the 21st of April the annual Worthog Brewers Club Summer Beer Festival took place. 45 breweries offering 98 different beers with a total of 2298 litres of beer to taste for the South Afric more

Liquorice specialties    23.04.2012

Charlie Chaplin, German TV presenter Thomas Gottschalk and the German politician Philipp Rösler, they all cannot keep their hands off: Liquorice. Black and sweet, but almost nobody knows how it is pro more

Report about malt for the secondary school    18.04.2012

Brewmaster Andreas Hiernickel made its way from Switzerland to the Weyermann® plant in Hassfurt together with his son Peter. Peter is working on a presentation about malt for his new start at the seco more

Presentation and Tour for the union of the food controlling team of the region Oberfranken    17.04.2012

If a food controlling team is announcing a visit some company-management might get all worked up, but not at Weyermann®. Weyermann® even invited the union to come for a visit. 60 visitors listened t more

A seminar on wheat beer in Brazil    16.04.2012

The Brazilians developed a taste for wheat beer. So in these days, wheat beer is the most produced specialty beer there. To be always up to date the “Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustiral”, a close Brazi more

Greetings from Bangkok    12.04.2012

Once again, Frank Gauger has stopped over in Bangkok to greet our loyal customers from the local craft brewing scene. One of them is Dirk Strobel, at home in Bangkok since 11 years and a proud defende more

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