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More good news    02.08.2012

We are happy to announce that once again we are nominated for the award for the GREATEST medium sized businesses. We made it into the last round and now a jury will judge. Last year we won the prize a more

22 new brew masters from Doemens visited Weyermann®    26.07.2012

They just graduated and for their last excursion together they came to Bamberg to visit the world market leader for Specialty Malt. After a presentation and a tour they enjoyed a tasting. Their visit more

Great American Beer Festival    24.07.2012

The Great American Beer Festival is one of the most important events during the year Weyermann® is attending. To give all the employees in Bamberg a better idea about the great festival quality manage more

Weyermann® is exercising    23.07.2012

It´s already a tradition: each year some Weyermann® employees are taking part in the Hassfurt Run. Also in 2012 and this run will stay in the participants memories for quite a while. Because of a heav more

Hop Seminar at Weyermann® by Charles Faram Hops    20.07.2012

Dr. Rudi, Riwaka, Magnum – no, these are not celebrities, these are the names for certain types of hops, so are Aurora, Pacific Gem or Millennium. In a hop seminar held by the company Charles Faram & more

Role Reversal    19.07.2012

Albina working in the fitters shop, Evelyn in the electronic workshop and Maja in the laboratory – three girls from the 7th grade of the “Erlöser” school of Bamberg experienced three days in a job nor more

Weyermann® attending the Bamberg Beer Seminar    12.07.2012

Soon there will be 13 new qualified beer-sommeliers at Weyermann®. And another five employees just received a special training on beer. They attended the Bamberg Beer Seminar, held by Markus Raupach f more

BRAUSUPPLIES: New wholesaler for Ecuador    10.07.2012

We present our new wholsesaler for Ecuador: Team BRAUSUPPLIES CIA. LTDA (left to right): Emilio Berrueta (Warehouse Supervisor), Jorge Bone (Maintenance), Gabriel Vizuete (Mechanic), Luis Najera (Tech more

No sweet without sweat – 111th anniversary Luitpoldschool of Bamberg    09.07.2012

In 1901 the Luitpoldschool had its inauguration. The architect of the impressive building was the famous Mr. Hans Erlwein from Bamberg. The school was important enough to even receive the name of the more

18 qualified beer-sommeliers now in Bamberg!    05.07.2012

It´s not only about knowledge, it´s an art, requiring all your senses. And because it´s an art it can also lead to many different opinions. We are talking about the art to be a beer-sommelier, about s more

Bigger – hotter – better – 12th Weyermann® vintage car get together    04.07.2012

Rumbling and Lightning – but now thunderstorm up in the sky. It´s the roaring engines and the polished vintage cars coming to attend the 12th Weyermann car show. It´s 27 degrees Celsius and 14:00 – more

Vintage car get together at Weyermann® - 3rd of July 2012    03.07.2012

On Tuesday, the 3rd of July 2012 we are inviting vintage car fans to come to Bamberg to witness our annual vintage car get together. We are expecting more than 300 cars from all different eras. The more

Finding the way home    02.07.2012

In 1954 when Weyermann® celebrated its 75th anniversary, the management had a very special gift for their loyal customers: a table lighter. One of these ones went to the owner of the Brewery Wachter i more

Xavier Galobart meets Agrano    27.06.2012

Xavier Galobart, Weyermann® key account food industry (in the centre of the picture) recently visited Andreas Scherer (Agrano) and Sebastian Zitzler (Phyterra Organic Yeast) at the production site of more

Something special – “A feins Stöffla”    24.06.2012

“A feins Stöffla” – something special and really good, that´s what mayor Andreas Starke said about the Weyermann® liquorice beer specialties. Weyermann and the newspaper “Fränkischer Tag” invited him more

Coming from the heart    22.06.2012

It´s a very special day, if you enter your office and you find a present on your desk. It just happened! Igor and Ellina Morits, Weyermann® customers from the Brewery Amadeus in Russia just sent a gr more

Visiting Weyermann® friends    19.06.2012

If you are on vacation isn´t it all about not thinking about work? It just happened differently with apprentice Michelle Weber. She went on vacation to Tunisia and met Mr. Walid Ghezal, director finan more

Royal visit to Weyermann®    16.06.2012

On the day 100 years ago the ceremony for the opening of the new harbor of Bamberg was held. And it was opened by the Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, the later King Ludwig the III of Bavaria. The royal maje more

Andreas Starke, mayor of Bamberg, receives Weyermann® liquorice specialty beers    14.06.2012

This morning the mayor of Bamberg received the liquorice beer specialties of Weyermann® handed over by Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster. During their meeting Dominik told the whole story about more

Container number 200 going to Brasil    13.06.2012

A good reason to be happy: soon our wholesaler in Brasil Cooperativa Agrari in Entre Rios will receive the 200th container with Weyermann® malt – as usual only filled with highest quality malts. Susan more

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