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IHK Oberfranken visiting Weyermann® Malts     03.12.2015

Shortly before the first of Advent we were pleased about the visit of the part-time class of industrial masters of the IHK Oberfranken. Accompanied by Clemens Kucharski and Sabine Vinograski our gu more

Bamberg beer culture book - with Weyermann® Malts     02.12.2015

In this book about the Bamberg beer culture the Bamberg authors Bastian Böttner and Markus Raupach present their hometown around the many breweries, brewery tours, beer cellar and leisure time tips in more

6. home brewers festival in Moscow - with Weyermann® Malts     01.12.2015

On November 28th, the 6. home brewers festival took place in Moscow and Weyermann® Malts was part of it, represented from our Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia, the Braumeister GmbH. The more

8. Weyermann® bock beer tapping     01.12.2015

The fine tradition of its own bock beer as a thank you for the Weyermann® employees and their partners, suppliers and local friends Weyermann® has revived on Thursday for the eighth time. Drinkable We more

Weyermann® Malts at the 6. home brewers festival in Moscow    27.11.2015

Tomorrow the 6. Home brewers festival takes place in Moscow and Weyermann® Malts is part of it. Locally we can count on Braumeister GmbH, the Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia, who will duly more

Weyermann® shift maltster ties the knot!    27.11.2015

This autumn, Sebastian Stumpf – shift maltster at Weyermann® Malts – tied the knot with his wife Laura, born Then. As a joyful surprise a couple of Weyermann® maltsters came to the wedding in order to more

„Living beer - the new brewing culture“ - with Weyermann® Malts    27.11.2015

„Living beer - the new brewing culture“ is the name of the lastest book by Oliver Wesseloh, graduate engineer for brewing and brewer of passion, and Weyermann® Malts is part of it! In his book the pa more

Frankenbund e.V. visits Weyermann® Malts     26.11.2015

On Thursday, November 19th, 2015, the Baunach local group of the association "Frankenbund" visited us in order to explore the Weyermann® world with 20 interested members. The “Frankenbund e.V.” is a p more

Poznań Beer Festival - with Weyermann® Malz    25.11.2015

As part of the Poznań Beer Festival "Targi Poznańskie Piwne" in Poznań, Poland, a Craft Beer Competition took place from November 20 – 22, at which Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of more

Weyermann® Brewing Seminar 2015    24.11.2015

During the last weeks, the Weyermann® calendar was fully packed: a successful trade fair week at the Brau Beviale, the Weyermann® Wholesaler training, the Weyermann® wholesaler evening with celebratio more

Weyermann® Malz in ORF Reportage über Whisky    24.11.2015

Für alle, die am Wochenende diese sehenswerte Reportage über Whisky nicht gesehen haben, hier der Link in die ORF-Mediathek! Klar, dass Weyermann® Malz als beliebter Rohstofflieferant für die Destilla more

Weyermann® Malts in whisky report of the ORF    24.11.2015

For all, who didn´t see this interesting report about Whisky at the weekend, here the link to the ORF media library! Of course, Weyermann® Malts as popular supplier of raw materials for distillers is more

100 European Beer Star awards for Weyermann® customers     24.11.2015

The customers of Weyermann® Malts can show an impressive medal table at the European Beer Star 2015: 32 gold medals, 34 silver and 34 bronze! We warmly congratulate all winners of the Weyermann® famil more

Weyermann® - a documentary     18.11.2015

See here a charming documentary about Weyermann® Malts, shot from BambergTV, a project from the open youth work in Bamberg. The team visited us together with the ninth grade of the Heidelsteigschule, more

Bavarian Party 2015: Cheers to Sabine Weyermann!    18.11.2015

At this year’s Weyermann® Bavarian Party at the world market leader regarding specialty malts in Bamberg certainly the most toasts were proposed to managing partner Sabine Weyermann: For 30 years she more

Weyermann® seminar for distribution partners     17.11.2015

After three successful trade fair days at the Brau Beviale 60 Weyermann® distribution partners from all over the world came together for a seminar at the Weyermann® guest center on the previous day of more

30 years Sabine Weyermann – distribution partners and employees congratulate    17.11.2015

The absolute highlight of the trade fair week at the Brau Beviale for the sixty Weyermann® distribution partners and the Weyermann® employees was a festive evening at the Weyermann® guest center due t more

Weyermann® Malts at the Poznań Beer Festival 2015    17.11.2015

As part of the Poznań Beer Festival "Poznańskie Targi Piwne" from November 20. – 22. 2015 a craft beer competition takes place and Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality assurance and m more

Weyermann® maltster gets married!    16.11.2015

This year in September, Alexander Schorr – maltster at Weyermann® Malts - married his wife Jessica, born Fischer. As a big surprise a couple of Weyermann® maltsters came to the wedding in order to for more

Weyermann® Malts in the first county beer of Bamberg!    16.11.2015

The „36 Kreisla“ is a beer from and for the county of Bamberg, brewed with Weyermann® Specialty Malts. Together with county administrator Johann Kalb, the Weyermann® customers, brewery Kundmüller, Dre more

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