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Successful audit: Weleda audits roast malt beer brewery    11.02.2013

Weyermann® holds 27 certificates for organic products. In 2012 we had 9 audits for recertification. This time our customer Weleda audited our roast malt beer brewery as they use our Demeter malt extra more

Congratulations to Wladimir Nikolaschkin on his 65th birthday!    27.01.2013

Congratulations to our fantastic friend and reliable wholesaler, Wladimir Nikolaschkin, on his 65th birthday! Great to have such a fantastic Weyermann® ambassador. The Russian Brewers like to ask him more

Weyermann(R) works meeting in historic location    17.01.2013

Overlooking Bamberg, the Altenburg sits on the tallest of the seven hills of Bamberg. The first mention of the castle was in 1109. Today it is the town’s landmark and this evening it is the location o more

Trainees get to know our brewing manufacture    16.01.2013

Our trainees now have the chance to get to know the Weyermann® brewing manufacture during their apprenticeship. Each week one of them will join our brewmaster, Dominik Maldoner, to get an insight into more

Congratulations! Julian Wolfschmitt and Sebastian Betz passed their final exam    15.01.2013

Congrats to Julian Wolfschmitt and Sebastian Betz! Both passed the final exam of their apprenticeship as specialists for food technology. more

Welcome, Sofia Münchenbach!    15.01.2013

Sofia joined the Weyermann® team as a trainee. She is 23 years old and an examined foreign language correspondence clerk for English and Spanish. Sofia took part in an EU project to gain experience ab more

All the best for 2013!    09.01.2013

Dear Weyermann® family members, a colourful, turbulent red and yellow Weyermann® year just ended. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in us, letting us provide each of y more

100 years old and still in use: The anvil of 1913 in our metalworking shop.    07.01.2013

Mounted on a wooden base of solid oak, it has “forged” and accompanied a century of Weyermann® history. What stories could it tell? more

Happy New Year - Prosit Neujahr!    01.01.2013

Cover of the Weyermann® calendar of 1894 - one of our earliest promotional gifts. Two dwarfs brewing a magic potion against the background of the city of Bamberg with the imperial cathedral (4 towers) more

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Ulrich Ferstl at presentation of "Preussische Whisky Destillerie"    17.12.2012

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and customer representative, Ulrich Ferstl, visited Claudia Bohn to take part in the presentation of the first whiskey of her company “Preussische Whisky Destillerie”. Visit the more

Weyermann@ gifts for christmas    14.12.2012

Our customers really value the red and yellow stationery products Weyermann@ sends out for christmas. Thanks for all the letters of appreciation we received from our customers !!! more

Weyermann@ supports beneficial fairy concept    12.12.2012

Weyermann@ introduces a beneficial fairy to express how child-oriented we are. The idea of the fairy concept is to show children where they can get help. Shops and enterprises put a fairy logo at thei more

Living the Brewers Dream - An article about Weyermann® Exchange Brewer Adam Brown    11.12.2012

Some people, well actually most, might find the thought of waking-up to the smell of roasted barley every morning as something of a turn-off. But for one Melbourne guy this is now his life and very mu more

Top father 2012    11.12.2012

Congratulations to our Weyermann® Customer Representative, Ulrich Ferstl - he is one of the top fathers of the 21st Century ! He has been rewarded with the price “Top father 2012” which has been donat more

Sabine Weyermann has been rewarded for her commitment as ambassador of Bamberg    05.12.2012

In 2002, Sabine Weyermann was appointed as ambassador of the city of Bamberg. To honour her commitment of the past ten years, she was rewarded with a certificate from the mayor of Bamberg. Without que more

Franconian apple champagne: Weihenstephan alumni meet at Pomme Royal in Ebermannstadt    04.12.2012

For the 4th time in 2012 members of the Weihenstephan alumni association have come to Bamberg, and this time they had to cope with apples and champagne yeast instead of hops and malts. The group more

Weyermann@ historian Christian Kestel 10th anniversary     03.12.2012

You can only shape the future, if you know your past ! Christian Kestel has been compiling fascinating details of the Weyermann@ company history for 10 years. His greatest achievement was the Weyerman more

Willy Wonka Bock 2012 leads Weyermann@ into the winter wonderland     30.11.2012

It was a perfect start into the winter season: a great Willy Wonka Bock 2012, created by brewmaster Dominik Maldoner, delicious Lower Bavarian style oven baked breads with Italian prosciutto from San more

Weyermann@ bags labeled in four languages    29.11.2012

1.6 million bags of Weyermann@ malt leave the Weyermann@ logistics center each year to 130 different countries. For the third year, we offer our bags with labels in four languages: English, German, Po more

Weyermann@ at VLB seminar in Moscow    28.11.2012

Moscow: capital city of Russia with more than 11 million citizens, famous for the Moscow Kremlin and Saint Basil´s Cathedral. On the occasion of the first seminar for microbreweries held by the Versuc more

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