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Weyermann® posters now available in Portuguese     15.03.2015

Well timed: While our Weyermann® executive ambassadors Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation Weyermann® executive manager, are at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau toget more

Weyermann® team keeps expanding    11.03.2015

Sabine Vinograski has been agreat tour guide over the last two years. Now we are happy to announce that her contract has been extended to a permanent position at Weyermann®. She will continue her work more

Weyermann® supporting educational brewing program in Switzerland    10.03.2015

In October 2014 Weyermann® contributed to a educational brewing project from brewery Feldschloesschen in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. Weyermann® gave away 85kg Ale malt and 60kg Carared®. The trainees of more

Seminar I – The taste of wine    09.03.2015

A very interesting and informative evening has passed. On our journey through wine regions of Germany, France, Italy and Australia we were introduced to several typical varieties and their characteri more

Weyermann® on tour – this time: Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau    09.03.2015

Saturday our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation of Weyermann® management, left to Brazil. The yearly Brazilian Beer Festival takes place in Blumenau over the weekend more

New working student is researching with Weyermann®    09.03.2015

Please welcome Michael Féchir, 24, student of food economics at the technological university of Trier. He is writing his master thesis in cooperation with Weyermann®. In his work he will compare senso more

Weyermann® staff keeps studying – language courses at the Weyermann® academy    05.03.2015

The entire Weyermann® Team has the chance to participate to in several courses, workshops, keynote presentations and exhibitions. All on weekly basis and it is not only about malt and beer but also ab more

Weyermann® grows - new working student in the department of logistics and technology    05.03.2015

Johannes Michel is 24 years old, lives in Hallstadt and will be supporting the Weyermann® Team in the technics and logistics departement as a working student until the 30th September 2015. The youn more

Indian Experts ans Studentse are brewing with Weyermann malt®    03.03.2015

We send out our kindest regards to the common Vasantdada Sugar Institute - Pune (Maharashtra) in India. The institute offers courses in brewing technology because in the experimental brewery the exper more

Vamos do Brasil!    26.02.2015

Radio Bamberg reports on Weyermann® customer consultant Karl-Ludwig Rieck, one of the ten best German Beer Sommeliers! We are proud to announce, that he will participate in the final round of the 2015 more

Weyermann® at IBD Young Brewers Presentation    25.02.2015

Weyermann® on the move – today in beers from Great Britain. Last week John Middleton, Weyermann® UK representative held a presentation at the IBD Young Brewers Presentation in front of 36 guests and p more

Karl-Ludwig Rieck among the ten best beer sommeliers in Germany    24.02.2015

Won preliminary decision for World Championship in Brasil – Weyermann® malt with 18 beer sommeliers On January 31st Weyermann® customer consultant for Germany Karl-Ludwig Rieck made it to the final more

Weyermann® brewing barley award 2015    24.02.2015

2012 we first honored the special services of the cultivators who are responsible for the high quality brewing barley. Furthermore Weyermann® malt says thank you to their cultivators for continuing de more

Weyermann® gross weigh bagging scales thoroughly accurate    24.02.2015

Recently our modern weigh bagging scale has been officially calibrated once more. The gauging office sent one officer who then took care of the gauging within two hours. The gauging guarantees all Wey more

Weyermann® at Beer Attraction trade show in Rimini    21.02.2015

Just back from Spain and gone already: Our bosses taking off today to hold up high the colors of Weyermann® in Italy. Sabine Weyermann und Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, 4th generation of managing board will more

Patras got it    18.02.2015

We warmly welcome a newbie in the circle of Weyermann® customers in over 135 countries of the world: Microbrewery Partaiki in Western Greece near Patras is brewing with the high class malt from ou more

Weyermann® again featured in “Encyclopedia of German World Market Leader”    16.02.2015

German enterprises are world leading in every third sector. In the malt and brewery sector Weyermann® malt is under the best of the best. Proof: The Specialty Malt Manufacture in Bamberg that was foun more

Weyermann® ‪‎Malts‬ in Tuborg ‪‎Beer‬ in Israel    16.02.2015

Have a look at www.ynet.co.il and see how Weyermann® ‪‎Malts‬ influences Tuborg ‪‎Be more

Chinese Weyermann® team member reports from her country    16.02.2015

Last month Lan Zou who is doing her apprenticeship in industrial management assistance held a speech about her country of origin China and especially about her place of birth Wuxi. The presentation wa more

Weyermann® at 4th Microbrewery Seminar in Barcelona    13.02.2015

On February 12th Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, 4th generation of Weyermann® executive board, held a widely noted speech about the Weyermann® aroma wheel® at the 4th Microbrewery Seminar in Barcelona. Spanis more

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