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Weyermann® Inside News: Our new warehouse and loading center has opened!

We have reached another milestone in the history of Weyermann® Malts!

We are proud to announce that our new warehouse and loading center (LVZ) has opened – our Weyermann® plant 5.

After roughly 10 months of intensive planning and renovation works the new warehouses and the inner offices and social facilities are shining in our beloved Weyermann® red and yellow!

Currently, we are using a storage area of approx. 6,400 m² for ourselves on the 31,000 m² area.

The new halls offer large areas for order picking of daily shipments.
A separate picking area is available on-site, which simplifies the assembling of mixed pallets.

The expanded storage capacity allows us to increase the stock of over 85 different specialty malt varieties. In addition, the new warehouse volume creates flexibility, allowing us to optimize the value chain, especially regarding production and bagging planning.

A regular shuttle service between our logistics center on Brennerstrasse and the warehouse and loading center on Böttgerstrasse with trucks and drivers from our own fleet team ensures the supply of the warehouses with our malts.

The huge industrial area also offers enough potential for further growth of Weyermann® Malts in the next few years!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all parties involved in the successful implementation - in particular Dr. Jonas Wiese, who led the project.

We look forward to a successful future with our new warehouse and loading center!


Read the expression of thanks of project manager Dr. Jonas Wiese here:

• Many thanks to the managing directors Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann as well as Franziska Weyermann for their confidence and for their constant support in the planning.

• Many thanks to plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann for mastering a variety of planning tasks and decision-making.

• Many thanks to the coordinator of maintenance, Daniel Hau, for the planning and organization around the technical and structural renewal of the warehouses.

• Many thanks also to the individual maintenance teams, to the locksmiths around Bernd Schmitt, the electricians around Klaus Bayer (including the employees of the company Gerlitz), the painters around Herbert Aust, the facility management team around Stephan Büttel and the gardeners, all of which revived the area on Böttgerstrasse 9 with great dedication and craftsmanship.

• Many thanks to the head of finance and accounting, Oliver Kunder, and his team, who secured the very important budget for this big project and the punctual payment of the service provider´s bills.

• Many thanks to the head of IT, Christian Gröbner, who, together with his team, ensures that the IT infrastructure runs smoothly at the new location.
• Many thanks to the ERP team around Klaus Pfister, who have accompanied the necessary planning and implementation for the new SAP and MDE processes.

• Many thanks to the head of marketing Silke Thomas and her team, who were responsible for the planning around the beautiful and CI-conform appearance of the new location.

• Many thanks to the human resources department around Christina Kellner, who selected the right manpower for the new tasks surrounding the "LVZ" project together with the specialist departments.

• Many thanks to the whole team of our production chain, starting with the malthouse around production manager Daniel Demetrowitsch, the bagging team around Roland Kestel, the lab team headed by Bettina Malmgren and the logistics center team around Vitaly Lindt, who have ensured that the LVZ could go into operation with an initial stock of more than 1000 tonnes of malt by working overtime in the last few weeks.

• Many thanks to the quality management team around Andrea Hahn, who make sure that our high quality standards are also implemented at the new location.

• Many thanks to all the executives and team member, such as Larissa Diesendorf, Ulrich Ferstl, Stefan Hönig, Katharina Prien, Michaela Schulz, Michael Einwich, Maximilian Rehms, Sabine Schwarz, Christoph Werner, Chris Koch, Annika Schaible, Frank Lunkenbein, Leonhard Habermann and Habibe Cintosun, who made valuable contributions to the planning processes in many meetings and discussions and showed great effort and dedication.

• Many thanks to all the external service providers and companies who have successfully participated in the project - especially the architect´s office Bottler with Mr. Bottler and Mr. Wagner, who have taken on a lot of planning and organizational tasks in the construction activities.

• Last but not least, my sincere thanks go to my employee Johanna Wagner, who, within a very short time, made many valuable contributions in all of the diverse tasks for the project.

• To all employees not mentioned by name and who actively contributed to the project: Thank you!

• To all those who feel forgotten: Excuse me, and thank you!

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