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Business etiquette lecture at Weyermann® Malts

As part of a Weyermann® academy event Yasmin Birk, speaker of the Chamber of Commerce of Upper Franconia (IHK), held a lecture in the historical Weyermann® canteen on "Business Etiquette - dealing with customers and colleagues in a conscious way" and brought an interested group of “Weyermen” up to date in matters of business etiquette.

See an overview of the newly learned:
The first impressions counts, because within three seconds it is determined whether others react with sympathy of antipathy to one.
Cutting of the word of your discussion partner, inappropriate behavior at the table or inappropriate clothing are absolute no-gos in the professional live.
Courtesy, thoughtfulness and appreciation, however, are the magic words for good manners.
In practical exercises the group could practice in certain manners and directly implement their new knowledge.

At this lecture, we also welcomed the film crew of BR alpha, shooting a 15-minute film titled "I’ll continue to do it" for people who want to extend their knowledge. At Weyermann® Malts the film crew accompanied Annika Klee, manager guest center and seminar programs, one day long, in order to be able to collect suitable material for the theme of the shoot "Weyermann® promotes soft skills of its employees".

Thanks to Yasmin Birk, for the interesting and valuable presentation at Weyermann® Malts and to the management, which made this presentation possible.

www.www.ihk-lernen.de/Business Knigge

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