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Weyermann® Malts promotes intercultural exchange of employees

Weyermann® Malts stands for quality at the highest level. To ensure this, our employees give their best every day. Whether in the production, shipping or in the office, the whole Weyermann® team contributes their part to let Weyermann® Malts always shine with cleanliness and order.

Recently our Weyermann® distiller Denise Jones (native of the USA) together with beer sommelière Dorothea Wächtler brought the Weyermann® distillery in our Weyermann® visitor center on Brennerroad 15 – 17 to shine, so that the copper plant of Arnold Holstein and the Christmas in Weyermann Craft Beer Fan Shop now try to outshine the other. The two women took advantage of this opportunity to exchange views on an intercultural level and to polish their language skills. Great that Weyermann® Malts connects people from different backgrounds and thus promotes exchanges among the employees.

In the large distillery Weyermann® brew master Dominik Maldoner and Weyermann® distiller Denise together with the team of the Weyermann® brew manufacture produce different Weyermann® beer brandies - from wheat bock beer brandy to smoked bock beer brandy and red bock beer brandies up to rye bock beer brandy. In addition there are the Weyermann® fruit brandies (Williams pear, apple, pear, plum) and of course the Weyermann® whiskey.
All these high-percentage specialties and many more are of course available at the Weyermann Craft Beer Fan Shop!


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