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1st Weyermann® Distribution Partner Online Seminar 2020    29.10.2020

Thanks to our Weyermann® distribution partners from all around the world for joining us in our very first Weyermann® Distribution Partner Online Seminar! Over 200 participants from 48 countries tun more

Employees undergo further educational training    22.10.2020

We congratulate our Weyermann® employees Stefan Hönig (left) and Sebastian Betz (right) on their successful further education! Both are now certified boiler operators. Sebastian Betz works at our H more

Weyermann® on tour: China Brew China Beverage, Shanghai, China    13.10.2020

Today the China Brew China Beverage (CBB) 2020 kicks off in Shanghai, China. The team of Barth Haas, our Weyermann® distribution partner for China, will represent us on-site. Hosts oft he CBB a more

35 years Sabine Weyermann and 10 years Franziska Weyermann    05.10.2020

We had double reasons to be happy and to celebrate on Thursday afternoon. Our boss Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, celebrated her 35th company anniversary and daughter Franz more

Official congratulation for training completion    29.09.2020

A photo album, filled with lots of great memories of the training time, and a personalised keychain (“the key to success”) brought a big smile to the faces of our finished trainees. These lovely pr more

We welcome Michael Ditterich to our team     28.09.2020

On October 1st, we are happy to welcome Michael Ditterich to the Weyermann® team! Michael Ditterich will be joining our team of painters. As a trained painter with almost 20 years professional e more

Employees finish further training    24.09.2020

We congratulate Dr. Jonas Wiese (right) and Timo Haselmann (left) on their successful certification as mediators! Dr. Jonas Wiese coordinates the logistics at Weyermann® since August 2017. Timo Has more

Weyermann® becomes double world world champion     23.09.2020

Wonderful news from London: Our Weyermann® Sissi´s Wiener Lager and Bamberger Hofbräu® Rotbier win at the World Beer Awards 2020. The Weyermann® Sissi´s Wiener Lager was awarded as World´s Best La more

We welcome Matthias Schlegel to our team    22.09.2020

As of October 1st 2020, we warmly welcome Matthias Schlegel to our team. Mr. Schlegel will take over the newly created position as facility manager. Organisationally he will be the link between more

Weyermann® Virtual on Tour: Charles Faram Hop Walk 2020    16.09.2020

Today the Charles Faram Hop Walk takes place virtually. Axel Jany, Weyermann® Team Leader Customer Consultant International, joins the event as guest speaker. The title of his lecture ist „Weyerma more

Where the clouds are made    14.09.2020

When steam leaves from our chimneys, the warm air goes through our kiln hoods. These steel constructions look like giant knight´s helmets and were a distinctive mark for many malthouses. The iconic more

We welcome Yannick Schüler to the team    04.09.2020

Yannick Schüler began his training as a truck driver on September 1st at Weyermann® Malts. He has known our family business already through his father Torsten Schüler. He works as truck driver more

We welcome Emilian Ruß to the team     03.09.2020

On September 1st 2020, Emilian Ruß had his first day as an apprentice in the red and yellow world. Emilian Ruß will train to become a metal worker at our production site in Hassfurt. This summ more

Weyermann® sponsors malt for festival beer in Berlin    03.09.2020

Since the Berlin Beer Week can’t take place as usual due to the current Covid-19 situation, the organizers have come up with a nice alternative: the Beer & Street Food Days. The Beer & Street Food more

We welcome Marlon Stephan to the team     02.09.2020

Yesterday, Marlon Stephan started his professional career at Weyermann® Malts. At our production site in Hassfurt he will learn the profession of an electrician. This summer Marlon Stephan succe more

We welcome our new apprentices    01.09.2020

In view of the challenging times, it is a particularly great pleasure for us this year to offer young people a perspective and to enable them to receive a sound training in our company. With today more

We are using 100% green energy from our local supplier - also in Thuringia    28.08.2020

When the lights are turned on in our historic villa and the roasting drums warm up next door, the electricity comes from the Bamberg public utility company. Also at our location in Clingen in Thur more

We welcome Laurenz Schorner in our team     24.08.2020

It is a great pleasure for us to kick off our new training occupation „distiller“ with our new apprentice Laurenz Schorner. Our distillery manager and instructor Philipp Schwarz will provide Laure more

The “Wünschewagen” at Weyermann®    21.08.2020

Yesterday we had a visit from the Franconian ASB “Wünschewagen”. Sabine Weyermann was interviewed as a sponsor of the project. Social commitment is deeply rooted in our family business. Therefor more

Weyermann® Time To Say Goodbye: Philipp Welles    21.08.2020

We say goodbye to our employee Philipp Welles, who is taking on a new challenge. He will expand his knowledge in all aspects of brewing and become a brewing and beverage technologist at the renown more

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