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12th Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping 2019

How wonderful was our 12th Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping!

At the invitation of our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, this event traditionally took place last Thursday - always the last Thursday in November - on our historical company premises in Bamberg.

The Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping is our winterly highlight event and intended as a thank-you to all Weyermann® employees and companions.

Drinkable, fruity-aromatic, with a long-standing head and sparkling in a red and mahogany brown color - just like we like our Weyermann® Willy Wonka Bock – is how our beloved strong beer specialty appeared and was delightful!

With the overall mood being jolly, the approx. 180 guests enjoyed freshly baked Lower Bavarian bread specialties from the outdoor oven, delicious San Daniele ham and cheese from Italy as well as hot chestnuts.

Also the few rain drops couldn’t diminish the great mood, so that everyone enjoyed the lively exchange with one another until late in the evening.

The donations of the evening go to the international Weyermann® godchildren of World Vision.

Thanks go to our awesome organization team for making this wonderful evening possible and to our bosses for the invite!

The Weyermann® Willy Wonka Bock is available at the Weyermann® Living & Drinking shop!

Photos: Bamberg TV1

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