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Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2019

After the successful trade fair week at the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, it was time for the highlight event, the legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party at the family-owned malting company in Bamberg.

The traditional „after trade fair party“ on Saturday was all about the 140th company anniversary of Weyermann® Malts and attracted over 400 guests from 35 countries.

The fact that this party would be a very special one already became clear during the welcoming of the guests, who received red and yellow Weyermann® anniversary gingerbread hearts - a beautiful symbol that Weyermann® Malts always opens its heart to its guests and lives the idea of hospitality.

Bright, beautiful calligraphic designs pointed out the way to the various stations on the entire company premises, where there was a lot to discover.

The Weyermann® Technical Center in particular attracted a lot of attention, as it opened its doors for the first time this year and enabled the guests to visit the craft bakery and brew manufacutre at its the new location.

The shiny 2,5hl Kaspar-Schulz brewing unit astonished our guests as well as the baking demonstrations with the Weyermann® beer bread baking mixtures in the bakery.

With great interest our friends from near and far also looked around the Weyermann® Museum, where several treasures from the historical archive are stored.

Likewise, the newly designed shop Weyermann® Living & Drinking made a great impression on everyone; with its cozy atmosphere and the many beautiful articles our guests enjoyed staying there for a while.

Well attended were also the Weyermann® Visitors Center, where the inhouse beer sommeliers demonstrated their expertise regarding beer and food pairings, as well as the Weyermann® Distillery, where a tasting of various fruit brandies was offered.

While calligrapher Melina Müller painted bookmarks and Anton Hofmann engraved wooden beer mug lids in a 140-year anniversary design, the guests enjoyed themselves playing corn hole, billiard and other fun games.

Among the celebrating guests was also the newest member of the Weyermann® family, Malty the mascot, who was one of the most popular photo motives of the evening and glady posed for a selfie or a picture in the photo booth.

Various music ensembles such as „Gustav & Gerline“ or „Dixie to go“ as well as artistic performances from traditional dancers from the Bavarian Woods, jugglers and stilt walkers provided best entertainment all night long.

As diverse as the Weyermann® community is, were also the beers on tap. Thus of course there was the anniversary beer JB Supreme, a selection of beers from the Bamberger Hofbräu® line, the smoked beer classic Schlotfegerla® and many more to enjoy.

With ox on the spit, crispy pizza from Italy, Franconian potato pancakes and bratwurst, cakes, Candymalt® and hot chestnuts, the guests´ well-being was perfectly taken care of.

Thanks go to the committed Weyermann® team for the attentive preparation and excellent organization, the Weyermann® management for the invite, and to all guests and customers, who celebrated our 140 years success story with us.

The Weyermann® beer specialties as well as several Weyermann® merchandise articles are available at our shop Weyermann® Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse 15 in Bamberg.

All Weyermann® fans, beer lovers and friends of good taste have the opportunity to experience Weyermann® in a lovely atmosphere and experience beer, whisky and gin in a new dimension.

Information and registration for our seminars at: www.weyermann.de and gaestezentrum@weyermann.de

Photos: Bamberg TV1 and Daniel Löb

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