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Weyermann® Brewing Barley Producer Award - Harvest 2018

Herbert Kauper, Bernd Pfändner, Edwin Hofmann, Edgar Münch and Martin Weiss were in the center of our attention, as we presented them with the Weyermann® Brewing Barley Producer Award yesterday afternoon.

With the award, launched in 2012, we want to reward the special merits of farmers to provide high quality brewing barley. In addition our aim is to promote the regional brewing barley cultivation in Upper Franconia.

After a warm welcome from our hosts, our guests took a tour our company and learned about the production of our specialty malts for which we use their brewing barley.

Then it was time for the award ceremony. Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management fourth generation, gladly presented every farmer with a handcrafted and painted plate from the traditional pottery in Thurnau, a Weyermann® polo shirt embroidered with their names, and a Weyermann® chronicle, signed by our boss Sabine Weyermann.

Afterwards, our guests and our host team enjoyed a 3-course meal paired with different Weyermann® beer specialties. Our Mats & Craft Beer ambassador and beer sommelier Gregor Einar Fransson took over the presentation of the beers.

We look forward to many more successful years of cooperation with our more than 500 local farmers – our valuable and loyal partners - and raise our glass to a good harvest in 2019!

A big thank you goes to our organization team for preparing our guests wonderful day filled with appreciation and recognition.

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