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"Weyermen" lose 51kg body weight through Metabolic Balance®

This year’s Weyermann® Metabolic Balance® group of 9 Weyermann® employees lost 51 kg body weight: what a proud achievement which we’ve directly simulated with malt bags (gallery picture). Very impressive! This means that on average every participant has lost 5.5 kg with good food, fresh food and new strength, fitness and motivation.

Metabolic Balance® is a form of nutrition, which is worth to be lived for many years to perhaps even a lifetime, as the experience of Weyermann® employees shows. The participants are accompanied by a specially trained consultant, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy Norbert Mikuta.
Special thanks to the Weyermann® management, which once again made the course possible! As expression of their gratitude the participates handed over a thank-you card and a gift certificate from the Zauberhaft store in Bamberg to Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation.

Here an enthusiastic feedback of a participant:

Hello Mrs. Weyermann,
I have heard, read and was told a lot about Metabolic in recent years. I found this very exciting - now I can have a say! Losing weight definitely works and the feedbacks on my appearance were pure motivation. What triggered me to participate in Metabolic was not only losing weight, no, my tiredness.
Pretty soon I felt that my energy was coming back. NOT feeling tired is a great quality of life for me.
I can only recommend this nutritional change and thank you that you have enabled us to participate. In my big woman acquaintance your offer was admired with great awe. I moreover liked that I could meet with my colleagues once a week. That was really nice.


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